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Monday, June 9, 2014

Good Week

This week was pretty good. We've had a hard time getting in with our progressing investigators, but we found some really cool new ones this week. Diego is doing good we were really hoping to put him on date for baptism. He still didn't get there, but he's so close. He's praying about it and I think he'll make a decision soon.

We also taught two new guys who investigated a while ago. I wasn't at that lesson we were on a split, but it went well and we're excited to start teaching them. We also found a guy named Grailyn. He's a super cool black guy we tracted into. Had a first lesson with him and he really enjoyed that said he was excited for us to come back. Then last night right before we headed in we found a new family who is going through a really hard time and we were able to set up a return appointment with them for this evening.

It's super crazy to me that I'm going home so soon. Still doesn't feel real. Again, sorry these emails aren't exciting full of stories. My excuse is honestly... I'm super tired... And I just don't like emailing. Only one more!


Elder Cooper

Friday, June 6, 2014

Good Week.....Sort of June 2, 2014

This was a weird one. Some great things happened though. Like this Wednesday was my last zone conference in the mission and that was really powerful and it was fun to see old mission friends. We went on two exchanges too with both sets of spanish elders in our zone. My spanish has actually been getting quite a bit better on my mission cause we run into hispanics so frequently. We had a church tour with our investigator Algy and he really enjoyed it. He came to church too and I think he enjoyed that as well. Him and Diego are really changing you can see how they really care about our meetings and receiving answers to their prayers.

Steve A. is pretty much dropped now too. It's too bad but we had a very bold lesson with him and he understands it's on him to find out. I still have faith and I think he still wants it though.

Other than that... it's hot not. It stormed super crazy one day. We played rugby again this week and it was super fun but I got way sunburned. Yeah I know this is a boring email... but anyway I love you all and hope the best for you.

Elder Cooper

May 27, 2014

As yesterday was memorial day, we were unable to email and so I have a bit today to send a quick one. We had some really sweet appointments set up for this last week that fell through, so that was disappointing, but the week was still good. We found some cool new investigators, and we were able to meet with some other ones who we hadn't seen in awhile. We met with Algy, who just graduated high school. He's a solid kid and he committed to come to church but with all the craziness of graduation he wasn't able to. We had a great lesson with Diego again and he is progressing really well. We may need to hand him off to the YSA ward, I'm not sure yet, but either way he is progressing really well and he came to church again on Sunday. Chris didn't come, he was out of town, but we met with him again and he's doing okay. So our investigators are moving slowly buit surely.

On Sunday we attended another church, a mega church you might call it, called Perimeter. It's massive. They do three services at the same time in seperate rooms, on with traditional hymns, one with modernized hymns (like a Christian Rock Band), and the "high school" one that supposedly has even heavier music. We went to the main one with the modern music. The arena was huge and it was really strange. What caught me by surprise was there was not a single picture of Christ in the entire building. The sermon was really a motivational speech with a couple of scriptures, but was a very good message. But I could feel such a difference. There was no pretense to change at this church. It was comfortable, easy, pleasing. The spirit was not present and there was no doctrine taught. When we went to our church later that day, I could feel the difference so strong. There was a convert of a year who got up and gave a talk in broken english (he's Chinese) and he taught more doctrine in his small ten minutes. It made me appreciate the Restored Gospel even more. I say this not to bash on other churches in any way, but I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Christ's true church on the earth.

That's about it. Can't BELIEVE how soon I go home. Scary stuff.

Elder Cooper

Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy B-Day, Mom

Glad to hear your birthday was great Mom! Sorry I haven't sent anything home for that... in fact I have just been terrible at sending anything the last year or so. I haven't forgot I promise. And I have some stuff to give you when I get home.

This week was pretty slow actually. Transfers happened and we got some great new people in our zone. But it was just a very typical week. We had two lessons with Chris, the guy training to be an Olympic sprinter, and they were both great. He was making awesome progress but he missed church yesterday and we weren't able to get a hold of him. So we're hoping to see him tonight still but we'll see. Had a cool lesson with Steve A. this week too where we listened to a talk. It's Bill Carpenter's conversion story, I think it's really called, "Conversion of a Catholic Priest." It was so powerful though and he really enjoyed it. Diego is moving forward too he told us this last week he wants to be baptized. He just doesn't feel ready yet. he attended the YSA ward this week though which I think was really good for him. Oh man, our lesson with him was SO AWKWARD. We went to his house and had one of the YSA in our ward come meet us named Jenn Mack. She's pretty cool. Anyway, he fed us dinner before the lesson and it was really weird. Elder Zimmerman and I totally felt like we were on a double date. Yeah... it was pretty strange.

The weather has cooled off a good bit this week, raining off and on but like beautiful temperatures.

We met a super crazy guy this week tracting. As soon as he opened the door we felt something was off. He started telling us his weird belief that man was God. It was basically a modern day Nehor. He told us though that he used to be a pastor and "made $225,000 a year leading people astray." It's sad that so many churches are like that down here just like a business.

That's about it though... Elder Zimmerman and I are still getting along great and having a great time. Hope you all have a great week and hope you have a fun time camping with the girls Mom haha.

Elder Cooper 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Strange Week

So I'm staying in John's Creek forever. Really, this is my 7 transfer! (That will equate to 10 months by the end of my mission). I'm really glad though because I just love this ward. Also Elder Zimmerman is staying my companion which is awesome. We're still working hard and moving forward even though this week was really strange. We couldn't really get in contact with Trece. Chris is great, we put him on date for June 7th but there is definitely a lot to teach still. He went to his other church this week instead. But we are seeing him again tonight. We had a new member party at our ward mission leaders house this week. It was supposed to be a BBQ, but rain made us stay inside. It was for all the new members who have moved in as well as for investigators and recent converts. It was a great time and we had an opportunity to talk to some part member families there so that was really cool.

That's about it though... I was so glad to be able to talk to you guys on skype, you all looked great. Can't believe I'll only be sending about 5 more of these before I'm home! Unreal. I love my mission and it's sad to see it coming to an end, so I just deny the fact that I'm ever going home.

Elder Cooper

A Sweet lil week May 5, 2014

This week was real good. We had a lot of miracles happen. We were able to get back in with Trece again and she is so legit. She had a church tour and really enjoyed it. We put her on day for baptism too on the 24th of May. Then we met with this guy named Chris we met a couple weeks back. He's like 28 or so, black guy who is training for the Olympics in sprinting and he is starting a fashion line. Yeah he's pretty ambitious. He came to church and really enjoyed it I think. The lesson we had with him was sweet too. He totally understands and already believed that their was so much truth lost back in the time of Christ and the Bible is an incomplete record. He was really excited to read the BoM. We also had a night where we went to go to a lesson and it fell through and so we tried a potential investigator in the same complex. He wasn't there but his wife answered and was freaking out. She was like, "This is so weird, I was just praying to receive guidance on which church to go to and what I should do." So we're really excited to meet with her and her family again.

Our stake was doing a 5k on Saturday so Elder Zimmerman and I and 3 other companionships in our zone went and ran in our shirt and tie. We got some old slacks and cut them into shorts. It was a lot of fun. We did decent considering we all stayed in a group the entire time. Finished at 27:30.

For Mother's day we haven't set anything up yet but we will try to call around 11:00 or so our time. I guess that would be 8 your time.

So yeah good week, the only bummer was we had 6 people committed to church and only one came. But we'll get em this week.

Elder Cooper

Hey April 28, 2014

So..... I really tried to email last week but wasn't able. We went to a library and it was super full so we went to a computer station and the internet was down. Then we ran out of time. Sorry about that.

Anyway our Easter was pretty good. The Poulter family fed us. They are a family we've gotten super close with. They are so cool and we had a great time over there eating great food. Man they had pretzel jello and it was the best thing ever.

The last two weeks have been somewhat uneventful. I went on an exchange with Elder Coleman, my last companion, on Tuesday. That was a lot of fun to be in our area together just like old times. We went and saw the Witherspoons that night and they loved it. He told me a lot of stuff that will be happening with transfers. He told me it's pretty much guaranteed that I am getting transferred to a new area for my last transfer... LAME. But that's okay.

The work did pick up a bit this last weekend. Elder Zimmerman and I have been praying a ton to know how to help the work as it has slowed. We met a single lady named Trece last Wednesday and gave her a Book of Mormon to read. When we came back on Saturday she had read 3 Nephi 11 and prayed about it. She said she knew it was true. The meeting was so spiritual and we're taking her on a church tour on Wednesday. Really excited for that I think she will definitely be baptized. Steve is just right on the edge. He wants to be baptized I believe but there is so much working against him. Please continue to pray for him.

No real plans for my birthday tomorrow. I'm going on exchange to another area so it will be nothing special. Probably biking in the rain. Yay haha. Haven't got your package yet family but I'm sure it will come soon. If not we're going to the office on Friday. Oh and the comment about my attractive companion two weeks ago was written by my companion while I was getting my haircut. Haha he's hilarious I'll send a picture of him.

Well I love this gospel and the work, I'm going to miss it so much

Elder Cooper

Weird Week April 14, 2014

This week was kinda slow. We had a great zone training meeting on tuesday. I enjoy being able to set up those meetings and train other missionaries, we have a sweet zone. Also went on exchange with Elder Smith, Calvin's cousin, this week. That was super fun he's a funny guy. We had a couple good appointments, but a lot of the people we teach regularly weren't able to meet so we spent a lot of time knocking on doors.  Normally knocking on doors is lame but when you have a companion like Elder Zimmerman the most menial of tasks are a joy.  He is such a good guy and very attractive as well.
 Anyway this sunday was really good because I got to play the piano for a kid that was singing for his farewell.  Also our appointment fell through at night so we decided to go visit the Witherspoons who we have been a little worried about because we haven't been able to get in contact with for a while.  When we got there both the girls were home and it was great because we were able to share a few scriptures and they said that they would be at church this next week.  Sorry this was a short email but I am getting a haircut and I am about to go play rugby in the rain.  I love all of you and will see you soon!

Monday, April 7, 2014

I'm a sleey bear!

Man, I'm pretty tired. It's been a good week. A lot of meetings though. Transfers came and went and we got some cool new people in our nice little zone were running. I'm super glad Elder Zimmerman and I are still companions. We've been having a blast. On Friday we had a leadership council meeting that took forever and wasn't all that moving. So that kinda frustrated me, sometimes we just need to get out and work more. But anyway General Conference was pretty fantastic. We were able to have 7 investigators attend over the 5 sessions. 2 came the Saturday afternoon, 1 to priesthood, and 4 at the Sunday morning. I was glad we had the 4 we did at Sunday Morning cause I thought that was so powerful and our most legit investigators came to that one. My favorite talk was either Pres. Uchtdorf's on gratitude, Pres. Eyering's on Heritage of Hope and his priesthood one on heroes, or Dallin H Oaks on Priesthood. Oh and there was a 70 who talked about the restoration that last session and it was so good. And as always Elder Holland and Elder Christofferson are awesome.

This week we have our Zone Training meeting which should be pretty sweet. Have a lot of good appointments set up too so that's cool. Gonna play some rugby in the rain again today for pday should be a good time. Ate out a ton last week too! Had some bomb Mellow Mushroom which I didn't know but apparently is in AZ. So I would highly recommend it, super good pizza. Also had some mediocre sushi. It amazes me how many people won't try sushi, cause it's so good.

Hm. Nothing much to say.... Glad I'm still in Johns Creek though it's a great place. I know the church is true and I invite everyone who is an honest seeker of truth to pick up a Book of Mormon and read it because I know it's true more than I am sure of probably anything else. Love you everybody. Don't die soon (cause we all die one day).

Elder Cooper '

Monday, March 31, 2014

You aren't going to believe this...

So... yesterday I said all my goodbyes to everyone in the ward. It was so great and I love this ward. I actually played a special musical number that I wrote of Come Come Ye Saints mixed with If You Could Hie to Kolob. It went pretty well. But I was talking with all these members saying goodbye and getting a ton of pictures... and then.... today, I found out I'm staying in Johns Creek again. I can't believe it. It's going to be SOOOOO awkward to go to church and be like hey... actually I'm staying. Man. But I guess it's what the Lord wants. I am excited to stay for some reasons and in other ways I'm gonna have a hard time staying here.

Other than that this week was alright. We had a lot of appointments fall through but had some sweet lessons and found some great new investigators. Today we're going to go play rugby and basketball at the Smith's house (a giant mansion home of some members in a neighboring ward).

I really don't have much else to say... I love this work and love the Gospel. And I love this ward, it's seriously becoming like my home ward.

Elder Cooper

Monday, March 24, 2014

Still hangin' in John's Creek

This week has been really up and down. Elder Zimmerman and I get along super well and I'm enjoying serving around the missionaries I'm with. We were able to find a couple of sweet new investigators. One, we went to go try a media referral that we had an appointment with and when she answered the door just said, "Oh I didn't realize you guys were Mormon and I don't want to meet," and walked past. It was kind of dumb because I told her last time, "some people call us Mormon."  But anyway we turned around and knocked the first door and the guy who opened it let us in right away. Turns out he had met with missionaries in Dacula, GA and we have and appointment with him tonight. Had another guy let us in right away from tracting this week too, which was weird cause that just doesn't happen too often here.  He was a really cool guy too, said he had a "good feeling" about us. He already had a couple copies of the Book of Mormon and said he'd actually pick it up and read it now.
Steve A.is doing really good. He missed church cause of work which was too bad since it was Ward Conference and our  Stake President spoke. It was a really powerful Sunday. But we did have a couple really good meetings with Steve and he's progressing really well.
We met with Asia last Monday and that was a great lesson. But then we had another appointment for Friday and she wasn't there. And we haven't been able to get a hold of her since. So, yeah, I’m  kind of worried about her again. Also had a hard time with a lot of our Recent Converts this week.   A few of them are slipping into old habits and a couple of others are starting to really distance themselves from the church. But I know this next week will be a lot better, we have some solid appointments set up this week.
Pollen season is beginning again here. Yay, but the weather has been perfect. We'll probably play some rugby again this week. Last week was really fun and a good work out.  Alright that's about all I got this week. Love you all
Elder Cooper

Monday, March 17, 2014

Strange Week

This week we had Elder Kopischke of the presidency of the quorum of 70 come speak. He did a zone conference first where he just did basically a question answer section. It was pretty cool, they never do that usually and he gave great answers to everything we asked. Then we had a leadership meeting with just the zone leaders and assistants and sister training leaders and Elder Kopischke. Well and Pres and Sis Wolfert.  It was crazy. Super powerful, but he helped us realize we’re not quite achieving our full potential in this mission.
Other than that we had a lot of appointments fall through. It was frustrating. But one lesson with Steve Archer was so amazing. We taught him about the Plan of Salvation but when we taught about the pre-existence he was blown away by it. Like just couldn't even grasp the concept fully. He's progressing steadily, it's still just his family that's holding him down. At church yesterday we sang Love at Home and it almost moved him to tears. He's so cool.
Asia had some opposition come up like we said last week, but it all got cleared up. She says she knows it is because of our blessing, too. But then she missed church and when we went by for an appointment yesterday she flaked out so were a little concerned for her.
The weather has been bipolar as usual. Super nice one day, really warm the next, pretty chilly the day after.  But that's just GA. Today for p-day we’re planning on doing some rugby (two hand touch) and ultimate frisbee in the rain. Should be a lot of fun.
We've been working with some really cool less active people recently,  too and our recent converts. Danny Mendez has been having some problems but he'll be okay I'm sure. The Witherspoons are mixed. The boys are doing pretty good and are at church almost every week, but the girls haven't been for awhile.
Our Ward Mission Leader had us over for breakfast yesterday and his wife gave me and my companion some sweet St. Patty's day socks. They're so cool that I felt obligated to mention them in this email.
Alright that's about it. Still a missionary. Still love the church and know it's true. Still wanna stay out here forever.
Elder Cooper

Monday, March 10, 2014

Great Week March 10, 2014

So Elder Cook came and visited our mission on Saturday. It was SICK. He had Elder Piper of the 1st quorum of 70 with him too. They both spoke about how we need to do more invitations. Committing people to read and pray to find their own answers will bless and strengthen them more than anything we could say. Really helped me realign my focus of how to teach and help people reach true conversion. Elder Cook talked about how missionaries are called to where they go too. It was interesting, he said a lot of the times the impression comes that a person needs to go to this specific mission President, rather than focusing on the area. I had never thought of that before it was cool. Also they had Elder Parker with them who is an area 70. He is a black guy and a convert and he gave the craziest mormon/baptist sermon I have ever heard. It was sweet he was straight preaching from the pulpit. Elder Piper got up after and said, "Elder Parker I bet there are a few churches around here that would love to hire you." It was pretty funny. It was also so great to see all my mission friends there. There are so many awesome people I've met on my mission it's ridiculous.

Other than that our ward had a chili cookoff competition that night after the Elder Cook meeting. It was a lot of fun and the ward put on a great show. There was a lip sync competition which was pretty funny and the food was bomb. We had our investigator Adam there and I think he had a good time. Asia is doing okay, had some opposition come up this week, but she's staying strong. Had a great lesson with her this week and she committed to baptism on the 29th of March. We were able to give her a priesthood blessing too it was amazing. Steve A. has been swamped with work and family things (as always) but we saw him last night and set up another appointment. I told him the more opposition he sees the more he can know this is true and of God and that Satan doesn't want him to have it. He said, "That's funny I was thinking that just earlier today, that very same thing."

The weather has been pretty good. A little rainy and cold at first but the last few days have been awesome and it is really nice outside right now.

Hope all is well with all of you.... Yeah that's all I got this week, no words of wisdom I'm too stinking tired. Cause we taught early morning seminary twice this week and then daylight savings made us lose an hour of sleep. Bleh. But yeah. I really love being a missionary.

Elder Cooper

Monday, March 3, 2014

Good Week

This week was pretty awesome. That lady Asia who we met a week ago was able to come to church yesterday and absolutely loved it. She's a single mom with 4 kids and we're really hopeful for her now. Steve A. wasn't able to come and I think he's going through a really hard time. We had an awesome experience on Saturday when we were tracting. We talked to this guy outside and he was Atheist. It was awkward because we never really know what to say to atheists because we hardly ever find any. So we were talking about it before we knocked on the next door and the person who answered was another atheist.  At first he didn't want to talk to us but we started asking him questions about the plan of salvation and he really opened up.  He actually ended up inviting us into his home where we had an hour and half conversation.  It was cool to teach someone without the christian background and we are going to be meeting him again in a week or two. Other than that, we're just getting ready for the Elder Cook meeting and then like 4 days later the Elder Kopischke meeting. Loveyoubye.

Elder Cooper

Monday, February 24, 2014

Good Weird Week

Wow I feel like I'm the Johns Creek guru now. Seriously as I've been introducing my companion to this area I know like everyone and all the place to go. It's nice getting a new comp when you've been in an area for 6 months. But my new companion is Elder Zimmerman. He's been out 7 and a half months and was just made zone leader. He's from Utah and is a really cool good guy. He's actually a lot like my last companion Elder Coleman. On Tuesday before I picked Elder Zimmerman up we had zone training meeting. It was a little stressful running the whole thing by myself since Elder Coleman was gone picking up the brand new missionaries. I think it went well though. That night we had a lesson with Steve A. and he's doing great. He promised me he would be at church on Sunday and he kept his promise! I think he really enjoyed church too.

Elder Zimmerman and I found some solid new people to teach. One was a lady named Asia. When we knocked on her door her 5 year old daughter came and said, "My mom said she's not interested." We left kinda laughing at how people send their kids to shoo us away, but then Asia came out. She said she was on the phone and thought we were Jehovah's Witnesses. She said two sister missionaries had come by a while ago and offered a blessing on the house. At the time they were too busy but she said she regretted it ever since and wanted us to bless her home. So we did. Had a long conversation after that and invited her to church. She said she would love to come and said, "You should invite the neighbors down the street, the Davis'. They are such a good Christian family." The Davis family are active in our ward. They actually brought two of Asia's kids to church on Sunday. Asia was unable to make it, but we're really hopeful for her.

Everyone is talking about the Gilbert Temple dedication! I wish I could watch the youth cultural event. Apparently this Temple is more ornate and detailed than any other Temple for a long time. I'm going to be stoked to go through when I get home.

I ate lint out of the lint trap for 5 dollars last week. Thought you'd like to know.

Elder Cooper  Reply Forward

Monday, February 17, 2014

A Strange, Strange Week

The best way I could describe this week is... "what the junk? First of all it snowed again. Well, first it iced really bad then snowed a lot the next day. We were basically stuck inside Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It was really boring. I got really sick of our apartment. But Thursday afternoon after it snowed a ton, the sun came out at 3ish and we got to go to work. So, at night on our way home from an appointment Elder Coleman was talking to President Wolfert about something else but President decided to tell him that he was calling him to be an Assistant and would be picked up the next day. So Friday was packing and saying goodbye. It was super crazy, neither of us expected it at all. I thought for sure I would be out of John's Creek but I'm another 6 weeks. That will be 5 transfers in Johns Creek, or at the end 7 and a half months! Crazy long. But it's good I love this ward. I don't know my new companion Elder Zimmerman but have heard he's awesome and will make a great Zone Leader. So I've been staying with some other Elders in my zone until I get my new comp on Wednesday.

This week the Witherspoons moved back. They actually aren't in our ward, but are in the neighboring ward so it should be an easy transition hopefully and the mom and aunt can get baptized. Also we met with Steve Archer! We hadn't seen him forever but had one of the most powerful, spiritual lessons of my mission. Elder Coleman and I taught really well together about the Atonement and it was just awesome. We asked him to pray there and he did, but silently. After about 5 minutes he looked and said, "I've never realized how much God and Satan both want me on their side." He is praying about a baptism date and we're meeting with him tomorrow night. Other than that Bro Mendez who was baptized a few weeks back is doing awesome. He is going to be a very strong member because the change in his life from the Gospel has been so dramatic.

Now that Elder Coleman's gone I have to run the Zone Training Meeting for our whole zone by myself tomorrow... yay. But I'm excited we're getting some cool new people in the zone.

Elder Cooper

Monday, February 10, 2014

Finally a slower week

Wow the weeks were bulldozing by at ridiculous speed, but finally things have slowed down here in Johns Creek. It was nice to not feel as frantic and crazy, but also hard to go from so much happening to finding a lot. Maybe it's good though because I will probably be transferred next week and may go somewhere the work is slow. I have no idea what to expect though, there is going to be so many change ups this transfer.

We have some pretty cool investigators right now. I think I mentioned how the Witherspoons moved last week and how sad that was, but they should hopefully be moving back close to us again this week which would be great. The mom is so close to being baptized and wants it so bad, she just is so busy and lives so far now. I know if she puts forth the effort though the Lord will help her.

We had a really crazy leadership meeting this last week too. President told us that we are going to be more and more segregated (for lack of a better term) from the Sister Missionaries. It's going to be hard but I think it will be really fun too. Like today we had an Elders Pday and it was a blast. What was craziest is my trainee or "son" Elder Packer came and visited me! He left the mission around 9 months ago for medical reasons, and was visiting GA with his parents. So he dropped by today and played Ultimate Frisbee with us. It was awesome to see him and see how well he is doing. I also got an email today from a recent convert James Alverez in Woodstock. Elder Packer and I actually taught and baptized him. It's so amazing to see the way the gospel has made him SO much happier and improved his quality of life so much. My companion Elder Coleman baptized his wife when he served in Woodstock later. James said in his letter that he considers us both sons and is so grateful for the truth and happiness we've brought him. That was so great to hear. That's what I love about missionary work; you have the ability to improve someone else's life, sure, but also create bonds of friendship and love that will last forever.

Elder Cooper

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

If I thought last week was crazy....

Man this week was so stinking bonkers! First of all, on Monday it was nice, 60 degrees out and we played Frisbee and soccer and had a great time. Then the next day around noon it started snowing. And it has "snowed" before but this was legit snow. Got about 2 inches which doesn't sound like much but for ATL it's crazy. The whole city shut down. Like everything. People were stuck in traffic from the city for 12 hours or more. A ton of people just abandoned their cars and went somewhere I guess I don't know. The roads were all iced up and there were hundreds of accidents and the only stores open were grocery stores. We were instructed only to proselyte on foot. So Elder Coleman and I started walking to a place and as soon as we get there we get a phone call saying to return back to our apartments and stay in all day. Snow and ice stayed for a couple days but by Friday it was back in the 60s again. So weird.

On Thursday we went to the BOM Musical!!!! We didn't attend obviously but they had us stand outside the Fox Theatre as people came out. The Assistants to the President and E. Coleman and I were the first people to go do this in our mission to test drive it and see how to do it right. It was so cool to be in ATL. There were a few people who came out during the intermission  and were disgusted by the play. Had some good contacts there. There were a lot of homeless people wandering around too which was sad, especially because it was still so cold outside. Then at 10:00 the play let out and 5000 people flooded out of the doors. There were only 4 of us missionaries so we just tried to talk to as many people as we could at once. We had all kind of reactions; people who laughed at us, people who ignored us, people who were interested and excited to get a Book of Mormon, and everything in between. One guy grabbed Elder Coleman's Book of Mormon and threw it in the gutter. He picked it up and said, "I'm sorry you feel that way!" Then tons of people wanted more. It was so different than anything I have ever done on my mission. Felt like a street-side preacher talking to so many people. We didn't get home till midnight! It was so fun I hope I go again.

We had a baptism this week for a 12 year old named Max Ruiz. His parents were baptized around a month ago. So we taught him and his sister who is 8 and was also baptized. It was a good baptism.

On Friday we called Alex to see if our appointment with his Mom was still good. Her and her sister were on date for this weekend. But Alex told us they were basically getting evicted. So sad. We rushed over and helped them pack all their stuff and now they are in Stone Mountain, which is out of our mission. They may be coming back to Duluth but we'll see. I really hope so, Alex, Anthony, Natallie, and Nala are all so new in the gospel it will be so hard for them to switch everything so soon. Also it's going to be hard for Laueddia and Laquanda (the mom and aunt) to get baptized now I think. Please include them in your prayers.

Other things happened this week too like Chinese New Year, but that was the most of it. I know this gospel is true and there is no where else I would rather be than here doing this

Elder Cooper

Monday, January 27, 2014

Craziest Week of My Life

So this week was so stinking crazy. First of all on Saturday we got in a car accident. We were driving to dinner and the car in front of me slams on their brakes. So I slam on my brakes and stop just before hitting him. We were like wow that was close then BAM. A big F 150 slams into our back. Good thing we had a bike rack on and that took a lot of the impact. Nobody was hurt and we don't have to worry since it was his fault but it was annoying as junk. Had to fill out a bunch of paperwork and be an hour late to hour dinner which made us 10 minutes late to the adult session of stake conference.

Stake Conference was awesome though. It was so inspirational. On Sunday there was a special broadcast for the South East States by Elder Gaye, Kiposchke, and Russel M Nelson. It was really cool, all about hastening the work. I hope people will start to understand their potential to help this great work progress.

Laueddia and Laquanda, the mother and aunt of the WItherspoon kids who were baptized, is doing great. Laueddia is so set on being baptized. Laquanda says she wants to but isn't sure if she'll be ready by Feb. 8th. Told her to keep praying about it. We also got the last kid involved; Jasmine. She's 21 I think and was uninterested until this week. Their whole family came to conference on Sunday. We should have a baptism this Saturday for a recent converts kid. He's 12, really cool kid super smart.

John's baptism was the craziest thing ever. It was a lot of work to make it all happen but the Lord provided miracles in order for him to make his date. John missed his first baptism interview appointment on Thursday, so we rescheduled for Friday. Then he missed that one, but we were able to reschedule for Sunday morning. That morning he called us 20 min before the interview and said he was too sick to come. And it wasn't an excuse he was super sick from his surgery because his staples got infected. Anyways we ran over there and gave him a blessing. Within minutes he was talking and behaving normally and feeling much better. He told us how on Saturday he had received so much opposition from his family. Relatives calling him from all over telling him how big of a mistake he was making. He was afraid but we talked to him for a long time about faith and how the Lord was providing this for him and all the miracles that had taken place for him to get here. He remembered and after awhile we got him to come to the church for his interview. The interview went fine and his baptism service was so great. Many members of his family attended, all of which are nonmembers. I know the Lord made this happen and it has opened my eyes that he will provide ways for us to accomplish baptisms if we put forth the effort. I wanted to postpone the baptism several times due to these slip ups but I see now the importance of him making this date. I feel like missionaries give up in situations like this too easy. That with more and more persistence we qualify ourselves for the power of heaven to accomplish miracles.

Love you all

Elder Cooper

Monday, January 20, 2014

Great Week

Man we had some serious miracles this week. So we've been working with this guy and he has been wanting to quit drinking so bad. I feel weird talking about him so I'll just call him John... but anyways John is like a serious alcoholic and really wants to quit. He's had a crazy hard past and wants to change. We put him on date for baptism a few weeks ago for Jan 26 and told him he needed to be able to stop drinking at least a week or two before. He was making really like no progression. But last Monday he called us and he was in the Hospital and had to get his gallbladder removed. He was released the next day no huge deal, but the thing is he can't drink for awhile. He totally recognizes it as an opportunity from God to change. We helped him pour out a ton of beer on Thursday it was so cool. He is scheduled for baptism on the 26th.

We also were able to meet with the Witherspoon's mother and aunt on Monday. Their names are Laueddia and Laquanda. Our ward mission leader set up the lesson at his house and it was so cool. Lessons in member homes make a HUGE difference. The spirit was so strong and they are on date now for Feb 8th. I would really encourage you to reach out to the missionaries and have a lesson in your home.

Other than that we have been finding tons of new people to teach and the area is thriving. The ward got a new Bishop on Sunday, that was exciting. The weather has been cold but getting warmer and warmer and today is 60. Nice.

Anyway hope you are all having a great MLK day. I know God is real, and he actually knows us. It's crazy to think that we do so terrible in so many different things but he still loves us. And we can find that out for ourselves if we experiment and ask. He always gives evidence if we ask in faith. Love you guys.

Elder Cooper

Monday, January 13, 2014

Crazy Week

This week was pretty crazy. We spent most of our time preparing for Natalie and Nala's baptism. There was a lot to do to prepare but the baptism turned out awesome. Their mother Laueddia was able to come and I think she really enjoyed it and felt the spirit. There was a really good turn out, like 50 people or so including the stake President and Mission President. It was weird President Wolfert and Sis Wolfert just showed up unannounced. But everything went well and we're excited to teach Laueddia now. I confirmed Natalie and E. Coleman confirmed Nala. It was great.

We met these awesome hilarious old black folks this week named Charles and Kathy. They came to church and really enjoyed it. I was worried at first because I think they were expcting it to be more lively and exciting, you know like preachin' singin' and dancin' but they seemed to really feel the difference.

Holy cow it was sooo cold on Monday and Tuesday last week! Like the high on tues was 24 and when we drove to our zone meeting it was 9 degrees. Crazy. But it warmed up quick and it's back in the 50s this week.

Hmmm. Not sure what else to write. Really I am so tired today and can't think straight. Everything is going great though and I love all of you and appreciate your prayers for me. Take care and have a great week.

Elder Cooper

Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year

This week has been busy and crazy as always. But we got transfer calls and I am staying here in John's Creek for another 6 weeks. That'll be 6 months I stay here! But I'm glad it's a super cool area and my companion and I are doing great work. Our tiny zone led the mission this last month in baptisms. I really believe we have the 3 best wards in the mission.
I was on exchange with the assistants to the President on New years eve, and it was super uneventful. Just a normal day. But on New Years a family had us over and cooked a full 65 pound pig. It was AMAZING. It's actually always been one of my desires to eat a pig that's just cooked full on. And guess what... we ate the eye balls. My comp and I. I got a video of it and it won't let me send it but legit we ate em. They surprisingly tasted pretty good but the consistency was super greasy and slimy. But it was fun.
The W. family are progressing so well. Actually, the mom is struggling to meet with us and it seems like she has some doctrinal concerns, but the two sisters Nat and Nala are so prepared for baptism. They are so excited for it. It's this Saturday. I think if we get the Mom there she will feel the spirit and recognize how important this really is and how much it could change her life. Other than them we met this old black couple this week that we are teaching. They are hilarious and I think they have solid potential. They are way Southern and so kind. It's going to be interesting when they come to church because I think they are used to those dancing "Praise the Lord" churches. The first thing she said is she wanted to learn more because she heard that Joseph Smith died by getting chased by 500 women out a window and she wanted to know why he was being chased. Haha man some misconceptions people have are crazy. Speaking of which, The Book of Mormon Musical is coming to ATL. We are using it as a big proselyting push; like they are going to send missionaries to stand outside the theater to talk to those coming out of the show. I REALLY hope I get to go it would be so cool. Apparently they did this in NYC and Chicago and baptisms came from it. The Lord works in mysterious ways.
Alright that's about it. I love you all and hope you have a good week.
Elder Cooper