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Monday, March 10, 2014

Great Week March 10, 2014

So Elder Cook came and visited our mission on Saturday. It was SICK. He had Elder Piper of the 1st quorum of 70 with him too. They both spoke about how we need to do more invitations. Committing people to read and pray to find their own answers will bless and strengthen them more than anything we could say. Really helped me realign my focus of how to teach and help people reach true conversion. Elder Cook talked about how missionaries are called to where they go too. It was interesting, he said a lot of the times the impression comes that a person needs to go to this specific mission President, rather than focusing on the area. I had never thought of that before it was cool. Also they had Elder Parker with them who is an area 70. He is a black guy and a convert and he gave the craziest mormon/baptist sermon I have ever heard. It was sweet he was straight preaching from the pulpit. Elder Piper got up after and said, "Elder Parker I bet there are a few churches around here that would love to hire you." It was pretty funny. It was also so great to see all my mission friends there. There are so many awesome people I've met on my mission it's ridiculous.

Other than that our ward had a chili cookoff competition that night after the Elder Cook meeting. It was a lot of fun and the ward put on a great show. There was a lip sync competition which was pretty funny and the food was bomb. We had our investigator Adam there and I think he had a good time. Asia is doing okay, had some opposition come up this week, but she's staying strong. Had a great lesson with her this week and she committed to baptism on the 29th of March. We were able to give her a priesthood blessing too it was amazing. Steve A. has been swamped with work and family things (as always) but we saw him last night and set up another appointment. I told him the more opposition he sees the more he can know this is true and of God and that Satan doesn't want him to have it. He said, "That's funny I was thinking that just earlier today, that very same thing."

The weather has been pretty good. A little rainy and cold at first but the last few days have been awesome and it is really nice outside right now.

Hope all is well with all of you.... Yeah that's all I got this week, no words of wisdom I'm too stinking tired. Cause we taught early morning seminary twice this week and then daylight savings made us lose an hour of sleep. Bleh. But yeah. I really love being a missionary.

Elder Cooper

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