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Monday, June 9, 2014

Good Week

This week was pretty good. We've had a hard time getting in with our progressing investigators, but we found some really cool new ones this week. Diego is doing good we were really hoping to put him on date for baptism. He still didn't get there, but he's so close. He's praying about it and I think he'll make a decision soon.

We also taught two new guys who investigated a while ago. I wasn't at that lesson we were on a split, but it went well and we're excited to start teaching them. We also found a guy named Grailyn. He's a super cool black guy we tracted into. Had a first lesson with him and he really enjoyed that said he was excited for us to come back. Then last night right before we headed in we found a new family who is going through a really hard time and we were able to set up a return appointment with them for this evening.

It's super crazy to me that I'm going home so soon. Still doesn't feel real. Again, sorry these emails aren't exciting full of stories. My excuse is honestly... I'm super tired... And I just don't like emailing. Only one more!


Elder Cooper

Friday, June 6, 2014

Good Week.....Sort of June 2, 2014

This was a weird one. Some great things happened though. Like this Wednesday was my last zone conference in the mission and that was really powerful and it was fun to see old mission friends. We went on two exchanges too with both sets of spanish elders in our zone. My spanish has actually been getting quite a bit better on my mission cause we run into hispanics so frequently. We had a church tour with our investigator Algy and he really enjoyed it. He came to church too and I think he enjoyed that as well. Him and Diego are really changing you can see how they really care about our meetings and receiving answers to their prayers.

Steve A. is pretty much dropped now too. It's too bad but we had a very bold lesson with him and he understands it's on him to find out. I still have faith and I think he still wants it though.

Other than that... it's hot not. It stormed super crazy one day. We played rugby again this week and it was super fun but I got way sunburned. Yeah I know this is a boring email... but anyway I love you all and hope the best for you.

Elder Cooper

May 27, 2014

As yesterday was memorial day, we were unable to email and so I have a bit today to send a quick one. We had some really sweet appointments set up for this last week that fell through, so that was disappointing, but the week was still good. We found some cool new investigators, and we were able to meet with some other ones who we hadn't seen in awhile. We met with Algy, who just graduated high school. He's a solid kid and he committed to come to church but with all the craziness of graduation he wasn't able to. We had a great lesson with Diego again and he is progressing really well. We may need to hand him off to the YSA ward, I'm not sure yet, but either way he is progressing really well and he came to church again on Sunday. Chris didn't come, he was out of town, but we met with him again and he's doing okay. So our investigators are moving slowly buit surely.

On Sunday we attended another church, a mega church you might call it, called Perimeter. It's massive. They do three services at the same time in seperate rooms, on with traditional hymns, one with modernized hymns (like a Christian Rock Band), and the "high school" one that supposedly has even heavier music. We went to the main one with the modern music. The arena was huge and it was really strange. What caught me by surprise was there was not a single picture of Christ in the entire building. The sermon was really a motivational speech with a couple of scriptures, but was a very good message. But I could feel such a difference. There was no pretense to change at this church. It was comfortable, easy, pleasing. The spirit was not present and there was no doctrine taught. When we went to our church later that day, I could feel the difference so strong. There was a convert of a year who got up and gave a talk in broken english (he's Chinese) and he taught more doctrine in his small ten minutes. It made me appreciate the Restored Gospel even more. I say this not to bash on other churches in any way, but I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is Christ's true church on the earth.

That's about it. Can't BELIEVE how soon I go home. Scary stuff.

Elder Cooper

Monday, May 19, 2014

Happy B-Day, Mom

Glad to hear your birthday was great Mom! Sorry I haven't sent anything home for that... in fact I have just been terrible at sending anything the last year or so. I haven't forgot I promise. And I have some stuff to give you when I get home.

This week was pretty slow actually. Transfers happened and we got some great new people in our zone. But it was just a very typical week. We had two lessons with Chris, the guy training to be an Olympic sprinter, and they were both great. He was making awesome progress but he missed church yesterday and we weren't able to get a hold of him. So we're hoping to see him tonight still but we'll see. Had a cool lesson with Steve A. this week too where we listened to a talk. It's Bill Carpenter's conversion story, I think it's really called, "Conversion of a Catholic Priest." It was so powerful though and he really enjoyed it. Diego is moving forward too he told us this last week he wants to be baptized. He just doesn't feel ready yet. he attended the YSA ward this week though which I think was really good for him. Oh man, our lesson with him was SO AWKWARD. We went to his house and had one of the YSA in our ward come meet us named Jenn Mack. She's pretty cool. Anyway, he fed us dinner before the lesson and it was really weird. Elder Zimmerman and I totally felt like we were on a double date. Yeah... it was pretty strange.

The weather has cooled off a good bit this week, raining off and on but like beautiful temperatures.

We met a super crazy guy this week tracting. As soon as he opened the door we felt something was off. He started telling us his weird belief that man was God. It was basically a modern day Nehor. He told us though that he used to be a pastor and "made $225,000 a year leading people astray." It's sad that so many churches are like that down here just like a business.

That's about it though... Elder Zimmerman and I are still getting along great and having a great time. Hope you all have a great week and hope you have a fun time camping with the girls Mom haha.

Elder Cooper 

Monday, May 12, 2014

Strange Week

So I'm staying in John's Creek forever. Really, this is my 7 transfer! (That will equate to 10 months by the end of my mission). I'm really glad though because I just love this ward. Also Elder Zimmerman is staying my companion which is awesome. We're still working hard and moving forward even though this week was really strange. We couldn't really get in contact with Trece. Chris is great, we put him on date for June 7th but there is definitely a lot to teach still. He went to his other church this week instead. But we are seeing him again tonight. We had a new member party at our ward mission leaders house this week. It was supposed to be a BBQ, but rain made us stay inside. It was for all the new members who have moved in as well as for investigators and recent converts. It was a great time and we had an opportunity to talk to some part member families there so that was really cool.

That's about it though... I was so glad to be able to talk to you guys on skype, you all looked great. Can't believe I'll only be sending about 5 more of these before I'm home! Unreal. I love my mission and it's sad to see it coming to an end, so I just deny the fact that I'm ever going home.

Elder Cooper

A Sweet lil week May 5, 2014

This week was real good. We had a lot of miracles happen. We were able to get back in with Trece again and she is so legit. She had a church tour and really enjoyed it. We put her on day for baptism too on the 24th of May. Then we met with this guy named Chris we met a couple weeks back. He's like 28 or so, black guy who is training for the Olympics in sprinting and he is starting a fashion line. Yeah he's pretty ambitious. He came to church and really enjoyed it I think. The lesson we had with him was sweet too. He totally understands and already believed that their was so much truth lost back in the time of Christ and the Bible is an incomplete record. He was really excited to read the BoM. We also had a night where we went to go to a lesson and it fell through and so we tried a potential investigator in the same complex. He wasn't there but his wife answered and was freaking out. She was like, "This is so weird, I was just praying to receive guidance on which church to go to and what I should do." So we're really excited to meet with her and her family again.

Our stake was doing a 5k on Saturday so Elder Zimmerman and I and 3 other companionships in our zone went and ran in our shirt and tie. We got some old slacks and cut them into shorts. It was a lot of fun. We did decent considering we all stayed in a group the entire time. Finished at 27:30.

For Mother's day we haven't set anything up yet but we will try to call around 11:00 or so our time. I guess that would be 8 your time.

So yeah good week, the only bummer was we had 6 people committed to church and only one came. But we'll get em this week.

Elder Cooper

Hey April 28, 2014

So..... I really tried to email last week but wasn't able. We went to a library and it was super full so we went to a computer station and the internet was down. Then we ran out of time. Sorry about that.

Anyway our Easter was pretty good. The Poulter family fed us. They are a family we've gotten super close with. They are so cool and we had a great time over there eating great food. Man they had pretzel jello and it was the best thing ever.

The last two weeks have been somewhat uneventful. I went on an exchange with Elder Coleman, my last companion, on Tuesday. That was a lot of fun to be in our area together just like old times. We went and saw the Witherspoons that night and they loved it. He told me a lot of stuff that will be happening with transfers. He told me it's pretty much guaranteed that I am getting transferred to a new area for my last transfer... LAME. But that's okay.

The work did pick up a bit this last weekend. Elder Zimmerman and I have been praying a ton to know how to help the work as it has slowed. We met a single lady named Trece last Wednesday and gave her a Book of Mormon to read. When we came back on Saturday she had read 3 Nephi 11 and prayed about it. She said she knew it was true. The meeting was so spiritual and we're taking her on a church tour on Wednesday. Really excited for that I think she will definitely be baptized. Steve is just right on the edge. He wants to be baptized I believe but there is so much working against him. Please continue to pray for him.

No real plans for my birthday tomorrow. I'm going on exchange to another area so it will be nothing special. Probably biking in the rain. Yay haha. Haven't got your package yet family but I'm sure it will come soon. If not we're going to the office on Friday. Oh and the comment about my attractive companion two weeks ago was written by my companion while I was getting my haircut. Haha he's hilarious I'll send a picture of him.

Well I love this gospel and the work, I'm going to miss it so much

Elder Cooper