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Monday, September 30, 2013

Good Week

This week was pretty good. I went on exchange with our District Leader and that was fun. We had some awesome experiences contacting. Definitely gained more of a testimony of service. We were able to help a few people out and they totally opened up and allowed us to teach them more. Elder Pasa Vaili and I had a cool day Saturday too. There was a big festival that day with thousands of people there. We contacted there but nobody was really listening. When we came back we were already kind of discouraged from the festival and then our team up fell through and our dinner. We were really bummed and didn't want to go out and tract. But we did even if it was with a bad attitude at first. And I realized that we always need to work because that night we found a super legit guy. He was awesome when we told him about prophets he said he got chills.

That was about it for this week though. Were still teaching John and he's progressing very slowly. The weather has been getting awesome and I love riding my bike right now.

We're real short on time I'll write more next week I promise

ELder Cooper

PS yes I got the package thanks sooooo much it was fantastic.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Pretty Good Week

This week was pretty good. We worked hard and even though our numbers don't show it we accomplished a lot. We were able to meet with the Chinese speaking elder and coordinate with him how he can help out the Chinese members and where he can work in our area. It's super weird he was called English but when his mission president found out he could speak Vietnamese and Chinese, he was switched and he covers all of GA doing work for the Vietnamese branch. The weird thing is he's the only one that speaks it, his companions have all been just English speaking so when they're with him they do like nothing... super strange!

But we met with our investigator John again who we found a couple weeks back by tracting. He's a cool guy, he did stand up comedy for a while and has a ton of stories. Now he has MS and other medical problems and hardly sees anyone. It's sad but I feel like his condition has prepared him to receive the gospel. He moving slowly but I have very strong faith he will progress to baptism. Our other investigator James has been passed off to the YSA branch elders so we see him every now and then, but we aren't really teaching him.

On Saturday it was really rainy. Pretty hard actually for the first time in a while. We had an event that evening called a member mingle at our ward mission leader's home. It was like a social gathering for part members, less actives, and members of the ward council. It was pretty great, even though we invited some people who said they would come and didn't. We also had the opportunity to teach mutual on Wednesday to the youth, that went okay. Elder Pasa Vaili and I also went to a youth fireside last night. It was really good.

I've had the opportunity to play piano quite a bit. This ward is soooo rich. And most people have a piano so I get to play at people's houses which is great.

That's about it though. Today for Pday we're going to some persons house who has an indoor basketball court, pool table, foosball table, huge field in the back yard. So should be cool.

I had a great study in 2 Nephi ch. 9 too. I would recommend a study of that again I get a ton our of that chapter every time I read it. Also the CES fireside talk by Elder Christofferson called Give us This Day Our Daily Bread. Amazing talk. There's an awesome Mormon Message video on it too.

Take care love you all

Elder Cooper

Monday, September 16, 2013

Good Week

This week was pretty good . We have been working harder and finding some good potential investigators. Street contacting here in Johns Creek is pretty good, a lot better than in Dahlonega. And we have been doing some good Less Active work. The ward is awesome, members of the congregation go out with us every night to see people. Dinners have been pretty regular too. We've been riding our bikes quite a bit recently too. The weather is cooling down and is becoming very nice. Within a couple weeks it will be perfect I think.

We're planning a couple of events too. One is a member mingle the Ward Mission Leader does quarterly to welcome people who have moved in and also any investigators or Less Actives we are working with. That is this Saturday and should be pretty good. The Saturday after is the Duluth Fall Festival (Duluth is a city in our area). There are going to be tons of people there and we're hoping to set up a booth. I'm really excited for that, the problem is our mission president hasn't cleared it yet so it may not happen. We'll see.
We weren't able to see James, our investigator who had a baptismal date, at all this week. His Mom went to the Hospital and he was super busy with work and helping her. But he's coming to the event this Saturday and we have another lesson the day after that. I think he'll probably be a little while to be baptized but we'll see. We met with a new investigator this week who is pretty cool but he talks a ton! It was hard to teach cause he'd answer a question and get way off topic while doing it. But he's a great guy we'll see where he goes.

As for things I need... nothing really. Doing good on garments and clothes and everything. Thanks for asking though.

That's about it. I'm loving the work and this ward. Looking forward to finding some more elect people.

Elder Cooper

Monday, September 9, 2013

New Area

Hey everyone I just got to my new area Johns Creek. It's pretty legit. A lot like Suwanee where I served 5 months ago. Pretty rich. And there are a lot of Korean people and Hindu people. Our ward actually has a Chinese translation. It's way cool. I'm excited to be in the city, but I definitely miss Dahlonega and the awesome stories I would get from it. My last companion, Elder Kilmer, served here 3 months ago and he loved it. I miss him already he was definitely my favorite companion. But my new companion is cool too. Elder Pasa Vaili. He's from California but he is Samoan. We get along really well and we're starting to get the work moving here again. We have one investigator who is really close to baptism, he's awesome. We met with him yesterday and he is super prepared. We have a date for September 20th right now, but he's kind of being wishy washy about it so we'll see. We also are working with some recent converts who are really cool. The weather hasn't been too bad lately, which is good because I'm back on bike. I mean it's definitely still hot, but I know it could be much worse. The constant rain has cleared up and it's not too bad anymore. In fact it's been quite a while since we have had any.

That's about it I can't think of much else to say. Thanks for all the updates. I'm still loving the mission and working hard.

Elder Cooper

Monday, September 2, 2013

Pretty Good Week

Hey everyone,

I'm not sure if I'm getting transferred or not yet.... I know you want to know Mom but they haven't called and I thought they would have by now. This is the only time we have to email today got a busy Pday. So I'll send you all a letter whether I am getting transferred or not.

Anyways this week has been alright. We have been meeting a lot of Hispanic people lately and are going to start working with a couple of Hispanic families. We have a good number of Spanish people in the ward and they actually do a translation for our sacrament meeting too so that will be awesome. A lot of people were out of town this weekend though so it was a little rough. I'm enjoying Dahlonega still, and I have really come to love this ward, but I would be happy with a transfer too. Change is good for me. Not a whole lot happened other than that I can think of... it was hot. Real hot this week. This morning we had some awesome Basketball and an amazing breakfast before a ward made for us.

Sorry about your head Dad, that looks way painful. And sorry to hear about Sam. I figured he's gotta be getting close though, I mean he's so old. Man, we run into sooooo many dog's around here. Everyone has a dog and a lot of people don't keep them chained or anything. You never know if the dog's gonna let you knock on the door or not haha.

Anyways take care everyone, hope you have an awesome Labor Day. I know the Church is true and I know this work is the best thing I could be doing and I love it.
Elder Cooper