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Elder Spencer Cooper

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Monday, July 30, 2012

July 30, 2012 Note from a member in Woodstock

Just want you to know that I had lunch with your missionaries yesterday and we had a good time. They helped me make a home video that I used to teach a lesson in the combined RS/Priesthood class for our fifth Sunday lesson. They were the actors.

Elder Wight is working hard and is training Elder Cooper very well. Elder Cooper is dynamite himself and has committed someone to baptism his first week out! They are both doing well and it has been a pleasure as the high priest group leader to work with them several times a week.
Bro. Brian Wortham

2nd Week in Woodstock July 30, 2012

Hey everybody,
First off wanted to make sure you all got my address cause I don't remeber if I gave it out or not but anyways it's:
Elder Spencer Cooper
1150 Cole Dr. SW
Liburn, GA 30047

Also I want to write you guys so send me your address  and I'll write you.
But this week was pretty good. I don't know I feel like we've been working really hard but the numbers we get aren't really showing it. But I know my testimony has been continually growing as well as my love for the people of Georgia. The members here are so awesome and we've still been fed pretty much every night. The problem is that our ward is pretty small so we have trouble getting people to go with us to lessons. Oh and yeah my mission president and his wife are really cool. In fact the night we got there the hem on my pants came undone and she fixed it. And then she made Nutella french toast which is like the greatest thing. Ever.
The heat is still lame. Like you're just wet all the time. And my companion is trying to get me to develop a southern accent. I was like "nah man I got too much class." Plus I don't want my grammar to go completely out the window.
We were supposed to have 4 investigators at church yesterday and only one came so that was dissapointing. But the people were teaching are progressing and really want that change in their lives. It's so awesome to see when someone finally recognizes the happiness this gospel can bring them.
Hope all is going well in the desert and send me your addresses so I can write ya!

Elder S.R. Cooper

Monday, July 23, 2012

First Week in Georgia July 24, 2012

Hey everyone!

So this is my first week in Georgia. When I first got here they had us go talk to people on this subway train called MARTA. It was a good experience but a nerve racking one. I found out I will be in Woodstock for my first 12 weeks at least. Woodstock is super awesome. It's a really nice are and most everyone is super nice and wants to talk about religion which is cool.

I learned some things about Georgia right when I got here too. First, Georgia does not have the best peaches. I don't know where that came from but the best peaches are from South Carolina and they are amazing. Second, it's really really green. Like there are just trees everywhere and it's just a gorgeous place to be. Also like I said earlier, most people like to talk about religion. It's cool to see so many people passionate about it whatever their beliefs are.

My companion is named Elder Wight. He's been out for about 8 months now and he's pretty awesome. We get along well and he's definitely teaching me what I need to know. We've been doing a lot of teaching. Like I can't believe how busy we are with all the less actives and investigators it's crazy. We are in a biking area so I'm trying to get used to being constantly covered in sweat. The humidity is weird like it doesn't feel that hot but you are always sweating and it's kinda hard to breathe.

Anyways the ward here is amazing. Like everyone is super nice and wants to feed us. ANd they all have sweet accents which is cool. Seriously like I know it's hard to believe but there is a good chance I'm gonna come back a big fat guy. Ha ha really they feed us so good down here. And the members are really willing to come teach with us and drive us around so that's awesome.

Yesterday we taught a new investigator named Laura and her daughter Mary Ann. We we're starting to teach when Laura's father comes in and starts talking all this anti mormon stuff. I was like great they're not going to feel the spirit at all. But he calmed down and left and we started to teach her about the restoration. It was so spiritually powerful and Laura is so sincere. She listened to everything we said and when I asked her to commit to baptism she said yes. She also prayed for us and then said she felt "really warm and peaceful" It was so great and I'm really excited to see how much her life will improve from this.

Anyways I love you all and hope all's going well in AZ. Please remember if you haven't written me I can't write you because I don't have your address. So please send some mail so I can start writing you guys individually.


Elder Cooper

Monday, July 16, 2012

July 16, 2012 LAST DAY in MTC

Today's my last day here! I can't believe how quick these three weeks have gone by. I'm definitely excited to leave but I still feel like there is a lot for me to learn. But yeah everything's been going good and I've been having a great time. Gained like 8 pounds so that's good. Yesterday we had this concert violinist, Jenny Oaks Baker (Pres. Oaks daughter) come play for us. It was really awesome and she was crazy good. Made me feel a bit homesick just cause I started worrying about piano and how my abilities will be after my mission. But she talked about trusting in the Lord in all things and I know this is  where I am supposed to be and the Lord will bless me for it. Anyways not much more to talk about besides that. I'm starting to realize why Ryan would send such short emails... I mean like a lot happens but there's no real way to describe everything in a way that makes sense. I don't know but just a reminder if you send a dearelder.com to me please put your address so I can write you back. Love to get your mail it's definitely weird to be so cut off from the outside world right now. But I really am happier here then I've ever been before and I can just feel the spirit like all the time.
Take care,
Elder Cooper

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

MTC 2nd week, July 10, 2012

Hi everybody!
Ok two things I wanna clarify first of all. 1.) If you want to contact me do not respond to this email cause i wont get it. Send me a message on dearelder.com or send me a hand written message. 2.) I wont be able to attatch any pictures until I actually get to Georgia.
Anyways this week has been really good. 4th of July was super awesome here. We had a program about patriotism and these two missionaries played fiddles and there was a video thing. I dunno it was cool. Then we got to go out and watch the BYU fireworks which were crazy awesome. My companion and roomies are super awesome. Elder Gunnerson (my comp) and I have been getting a lot better at teaching together and he is becoming more commited to the work. Last night we built a pretty killin' fort in our room. My other roomies are Elder Hamer and Harding and were all like best buds. The sister missionaries in my district are pretty cool too I guess. Oh yeah I was also made Zone Leader like a week ago so it's been fun getting to know all the new elders and all the cool people in my zone. My branch president is really awesome too he brings the spirit to everything he does but he's also just a goofy guy. Oh my teacher who was in Ryan's MTC zone was a sister that's why she is home already and her name is Sister Smith. I guess she was sick like the whole time she was here though. We had a member of the seventy speak to us a week ago named Yoshihito Kukuchi. It was seriouly one the most powerful talks I've ever heard. Really motivated me to follow the commandments and rules with exact obedience. Another awesome thing here is this tree that smells like cream soda. Like it sounds weird but it seriously smells just like cream soda and nobody knows why. I was bummed to hear Steve Nash is going to the Lakers. I mean the Lakers are pretty lame. But Idk I guess it makes sense and I'm just happy we got Goran Dragic back. GORAN! Oh and yes mom the key on my dresser is to the Meiers. Since I've been here I've seen Aaron Blake, Jordan Taylor, Jonathan Ricks, and Cayden Tattersal. Jordan told me to say hi to Ryan for him and asked how he was doing. Cayden seemed to be doing alright I think he just needs time to get used to the schedule change and the language. Seriously, I'm so glad i'm speaking english. I mean the MTC is cool but I really can't wait to get to Georgia. Been hearing some crazy stories about the South so I'm just stoked to get down there and take in the people and culture. I've only played piano for Sunday meetings but I'm planning on playing more today and auditioning with a couple sister missionaries for a special musical number.
I've really come to know that this is where I'm supposed to be and I honestly am just having a blast here. Hope all is going well for each of you at home. Give Sam some cereal for me... not that he deserves it that little mutt. Hope all my AMC homies are still being bombastic. Keep selling stubs cards!... haha jk stubs are lame. Oh and mom I'm not sure about those emails that worked it sounds like averie's (averieclare) worked but idk about berenice's. so um ya. Love you all. Bye bye!
Elder Cooper

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July 3, 2012 Great First Week

Hey everyone,
This was the first week of the MTC. And it was totally awesome. I honestly haven't been home sick at all and have just been having a great time. When I arrived in Utah I rode with Sister Sandiego and her relatives to the MTC. But they were so nice and took us to red lobster before so that was super awesome. My companions name is Elder Gunnerson and he's a great guy. We have a bit of trouble teaching together and he doesn't focus great but we get along awesome. Its honestly like I'm in a quadpanionship though. The two other elders in our room our super cool too and we honestly spend like all our time together. The food is pretty good here so that's cool too. I really like all the people in our district and I can just feel the spirit all the time. I feel like I've learned more in this last week than in the last couple years. Also, a weird thing: one of my teachers was in my brother Ryan's district in the MTC. I keep running into people who know people from Gilbert or are from there themselves. It's definitly a small world... after all. ha anyways the part I've really enjoyed is teaching these investigators and watching them progress and figuring out how to teach with the spirit. Well if you wanna send me a letter my address is MTC Mailbox #113 GA-ATLN 0717 2005 N. 900 E. Provo, Utah 84604-1793. The best way is definitly a site called dearelder.com where you type a letter and they print it and give it to me the same day. I'm only going to be here for two more weeks so I'll give you the new address when I'm in Georgia. But if you wanna handwrite that's fine too. But just want to let every know I'm doing great and I love this work and this Gospel.
Elder Cooper

Entering the MTC

On July 27, we drove Spencer to the Phoenix airport.  After a tearful goodbye he flew to SLC, UT and entered the MTC.  Two days later we received a short handwritten note that said he had arrived and had enjoyed a great first day.  He promised to write more details on his P-Day, which will be on Turesdays in the MTC.  He closed his letter with, "I love you and I love the gospel."