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Monday, November 26, 2012

Good week Nov. 26, 2012

This week was good. Thanksgiving was awesome! We went and played football with our ward and another ward in the morning and that was way fun. Then we went to a member's house and ate an awesome dinner. Our investigator James committed to baptism this week! We had such a powerful lesson with him. It was really cool he said that the Book of Mormon was "strengthening his spirit." We actually have 5 investigators scheduled for baptism in December so that's really exciting too. That's so exciting about Xander or Zander whatever Calvin's cousin coming to our mission. Totally remember him; super cool guy. Also way cool to hear about Cameron getting his call to Peru congrats! And Lindsey being baptized! That is waaay exciting! Thanks so much for the package, Palmers! and yes mom I got the card thanks! Hope everyone's thanksgiving was great and your holiday season starts awesome! And no dad I haven't made a bean salad yet but I'll be sure to do that this week... or never. Haha.

Elder Spencer Cooper

Monday, November 19, 2012

OK Week November 19, 2012

This week has been alright. Elder Packer and I have both been feeling under the weather. I have a real sore throat and Elder Packer has had a headache. But we had some good lessons. Had a couple of lessons with James where we just discussed what he had been reading. He is a real deep thinker and understands really well. He was able to come to church which was really great. I think he felt uncomfortable cause he didn't dress up and was in a wheel chair but everyone was real friendly and I think he really enjoyed it. Also taught Sydney a couple times. She is progressing really well and was also at church. We also contacted some people who are really interested in meeting with us again. We're planning on going to a member's house for thanksgiving named the Schwiegers. They are really cool so that will be fun. I attached a pic of me and my comp. Ummm... other than that not a whole lot happened. We had to take it easy since we were sick so nothing much more happened. Hope everyone's Thanksgiving goes well!

Elder Spencer Cooper

Monday, November 12, 2012

Long Week Nov. 12, 2012

Hey everyone,

This week was really long... just... I don't know... it just dragged. It was really good though. We had zone conference and there were some really good talks there. The coolest part was when Pres. Wolfert talked about the new missionaries and how many new missionaries there're going to be. He said our mission was going to receive 80 - 100 new missionaries within the next few months. That's pretty crazy.

We got to meet with that new family the Rodgers last Monday night. They are so awesome and elect. Dawn (the mom) Emma (9 yr old) and Noah (12 yr old) all committed to baptism. The lesson was so powerful too. Emma asked awesome questions and they all are participating and understanding so well. Dawn's mom was in town too and sat in on the lesson. She agreed to have missionaries come to her home in Tennessee.

James is progressing so well! He has been refusing to come to church so we backed off on asking him. But we were reading the BoM with him last night. When we were about to leave he said, "So where is your church at?" and said "I don't have a suit but I'll be there!" So that was way cool.

We had a real good experience this week, too. I was having just a rough day and not much was happening. Our plans for night had fallen through and we had nothing to do. So we knelt down and prayed that we would be able to do something productive. About 30 min later we got a phone call and received a referral for a guy who was in a different ward he thought. Turns out he barely lives in our boundary and his wife wants to be baptized. We went over there and taught her that night.

Weather has been pretty great and food has been awesome. Hope all is well at home and I love you all and pray for you guys. Peace!

Elder Spencer Cooper

Monday, November 5, 2012

Awesome Week, Nov. 5, 2012

This week was great!

We taught this lady named Latonya and her son Rasheed. They committed to be baptized on Dec. 8th. Rasheed came to church and I think he really enjoyed it. Latonya should be there too next week. We also made good progress with James who is just reading the Book of Mormon like a beast! I've never seen someone understand it that well so quickly. We weren't able to teach the Rodgers but we have another appointment with them tonight.

The weather has been gorgeous here. Not too cold and not too hot, just divine. So it's been really good to just walk and bike around.

Halloween was uneventful. No trick or treaters or anything so it was just another day really except we had to be in by 6

Last night I had the best meal of my mission so far. Teryaki chicken with pineapple on top and pepper jack cheese melted over it all. Sounds weird but it was amazing.

Sounds like everything back home is going well. Crazy that elections are tomorrow. Can't wait to see what happens.

Well I love you all and I love this work!

Elder Spencer Cooper