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Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21, 2013

Hey Everyone.
So this week it rained a bunch. Rain rain go away come again... never.
This week was pretty good. We did a lot of knocking doors and that was pretty good. Suwanee is super nice. The people here are awesome and I'm really enjoying serving here. We had some great experiences. There was one day we were knocking doors in a neighborhood and my companion is like let's go check on a less active but I said let's just knock one more. That last door was the only one we got a return appointment. But then when we left we ran into another guy who we got a return appointment with. So it was good. This week has been the most I've biked all my mission. We biked a ton! Super tired. But there's definitely a lot of work to be done here. We just need to find those who are ready.
Not a whole lot else happened. The spirit's been really strong with me though. I think part of that is serving with Elder Childs. He's really sincere and we just work really hard together.
Hope you are all doing well!
Elder Spencer Cooper

Monday, January 14, 2013

Interesting Week Jan. 14, 2013

So this week was interesting. Tuesday was really lame. I was planning on seeing all the people we'd been teaching and baptized but all of them had things come up so I wasn't able to see like any of them. But got yummy Brusters so it was all good. Brusters is ice cream place kinda like cold stone but better. Yeah. Then on Wednesday got transfered to Suwanee. Suwanee is very nice. Like just really nice neighborhoods and things. And sidewalks!!!!! I finally don't feel like I'm gonna die when I ride my bike. It's interesting, there's a pretty big Korean population here, too. My new companion is Elder Childs. He is really nice and I'm learning patience with him. But he's got a heart of gold. We aren't teaching a whole lot of people right now but we had a good lesson with an investigator on Sunday. His name is Fred and he's just really sad about his wife divorcing him and taking the kids but he's a good guy and loves us teaching him. He has had some prayers answered recently and we're hoping he will keep progressing at the same rate he is now. The Suwanee ward is really big and awesome. All the members I've met are real nice and very missionary minded. So I'm really excited to do more work with member referals in this area.
Oh, and I find it hilarious that it's colder in AZ than it is here. We've had a random warm spell. Like the last few days has been in the 70s; it's been amazing. Not looking forward to the cold again. There was one day though where we got rained on pretty hard. That was rough but other than that it's been so nice.
The pics attatched are just of me with some other missionaries at our Pday dinner, the band that played the rap and I doing our lame boy band pose, and a pond in a park in Suwanee. Oh yeah so aparrently that rap is on youtube... Not sure how but hey whatever. I guess Elder Dennie emailed it home and his family put it up. It's called "missionary Chrismas" by the black tags. I think you should be able to find it by typing that in. not sure though haven't tried... obviously.
Hope you are all doing good and love you guys.
Elder Spencer Cooper

Monday, January 7, 2013

Amazing week January 7, 2013

This week was one of the best of my mission and probably one of the best of my life.

Preparing for the Rogers baptism was crazy but it went amazing. I got to baptize Emma, the nine year old and Elder Packer got to baptize Noah. Everything went perfect for the baptism and the spirit was so strong. The next day we had probably the best church service I've ever been to. We confirmed each of the Rogers and that went really good. Joel, the father, was at the baptism and church and has been progressing really well. He will take some time but is so sincere and open so I know the spirit will hit him hard soon. James also received the priesthood yesterday. And Rasheed came to church so it was all just awesome. The testimony meeting was really really good too. We had a really awesome lesson with Rasheed on Saturday and he has a baptismal date for Feb. 9th so that's exciting. We just had some great lessons and everything has been going well.

Oh the pictures are of the Rogers and some members who are amazing.

Also I am getting transferred! I'm going to Suwanee which is supposed to be really rich I guess and a good area. I'm going to be a district leader there. So that's pretty exciting I have loved Woodstock but would am ready to see more of Georgia.

Love you all and hope you all had a great New years. Oh ya on new years day I ate fried turkey. YUM

Elder Spencer Cooper