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Monday, January 21, 2013

January 21, 2013

Hey Everyone.
So this week it rained a bunch. Rain rain go away come again... never.
This week was pretty good. We did a lot of knocking doors and that was pretty good. Suwanee is super nice. The people here are awesome and I'm really enjoying serving here. We had some great experiences. There was one day we were knocking doors in a neighborhood and my companion is like let's go check on a less active but I said let's just knock one more. That last door was the only one we got a return appointment. But then when we left we ran into another guy who we got a return appointment with. So it was good. This week has been the most I've biked all my mission. We biked a ton! Super tired. But there's definitely a lot of work to be done here. We just need to find those who are ready.
Not a whole lot else happened. The spirit's been really strong with me though. I think part of that is serving with Elder Childs. He's really sincere and we just work really hard together.
Hope you are all doing well!
Elder Spencer Cooper

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