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Monday, February 4, 2013

Feb. 4, 2013 Crazy Week

to me

Hey Everyone,

This week went by so fast. Like crazy fast. Last Monday we went to the Mall of Georgia which I guess is the biggest mall in the US. It was huge. Pretty cool didn't get anything though. On Tuesday we went on exchanges. I went to Sharon Springs with Elder Gardner. He's a really cool guy we had a great time and talked to a lot of people. Then Wednesday happened. We woke up and had a call saying stay inside because of tornado warnings. Two hours later the ZLs called again and said we could go out. So we exchanged back and Elder Childs and I went to an appointment. Had an awesome visit with this guy named Boy. He's from the Philippines and his dad had the same name as him so his nickname growing up was Boy so that's what he goes by. Anyways we got a call during the lesson but we couldn't answer obviously. When we start biking home it was raining a bit. Then out of nowhere  it starts pouring. We got soaked to the bone. I mean everything in my pockets and backpack were destroyed (Besides my scrips thank goodness for cases). But yeah it was crazy. Turns out the call we missed was to let us know we needed to get home immediately and stay in doors. So wet though.

We had a couple good lessons again. One with Tony. He's awesome but picks the Book of Mormon apart. We gave him one chapter to read and he had questions on just about every single verse. But he said he thinks God brought us to him and he said he'll pray about the BoM. Also saw Jack and Anne. They are so funny. Like just the sweetest old couple and they just bicker and say the funniest things. Real hard to teach them though cause they get off topic real easy.

Back in Woodstock Rasheed was baptized. I got permission to go back and see it. It was so awesome. Really powerful spirit. Also great to see my son Elder Packer again. He's doing real good now. It was so cool to see Rasheed baptized though. i contacted his mom Latonya like my 3rd or 4th week in the mission. We had the hardest time meeting with her and almost dropped her so many times. But the Lord must have told us to hold on to her because Rasheed was ready. She still hasn't been baptized but i think if she can get her schedule less crazy she will.

But yeah good week. Thanks for the letter family good to hear from you guys. Hope each of you is having a great week. Love you all and love this gospel

Elder Spencer Cooper

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