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Monday, April 29, 2013

Happy Birthday April 29, 2013

Hey everyone,

So today's my Birthday. It's been pretty awesome so far. In the morning we got transfer calls. I found out I'm going to Dahlonega. It's actually in the same stake as Suwanee but is pretty far away from it. Aparently it's pretty crazy, too.  I'm hearing I'll meet some crazy people and have some stories to tell because it's a super country area. So that will be interesting. My new companion is Elder Bonin. I've met him before, he's a little strange but I heard he works hard so that's cool. I'm kind of glad and not at the same time. I was getting a little burnt out in Suwanee, but the work has really started to pick up here. We've been teaching Patrick a lot, the guy from Haiti. He's doing awesome and I'm confident he'll be baptized soon. We also had an awesome lesson with a couple of 14 yr olds. We gave them Books of Mormon and they're excited to read them. Met a couple of other new people too that we're hoping to start teaching.

Also this weekend the stake choir had a concert with a community band in the area. They were really pretty good it was cool to go to that. We had a couple of investigators there too.

Anyways for my Birthday a member took us to get all you can eat sushi. It was soooo good.   I'm stuffed. Forgot how much I love sushi.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes, family. I didn't get the package though.... so hopefully today or tomorrow since I'm getting transfered haha.
Love you all and I love this work. I'll tell you all about my new area next week!

Elder Spencer Cooper

Monday, April 22, 2013

Great week April 22, 2013

This week was great. The pollen has died down and the weather is sooo nice. It's been great. And we found a lot of new people to work with. One of them is named Patrick. He's a 19 yr. old from Haiti and is a Haitian dancer. He's a really cool guy. he came to church yesterday and he loved it. He's taking his GED on thursday and we're going to go give him a blessing before the test. Really excited for him. We also had a man named Daron at church. He's someone the missionaries had taught in the past but we haven't been able to teach because he is so busy with work but was able to come yesterday. He's in his 40s but looks like 25 seriously. He's from Jamaica and has an awesome accent. Hopefully we can get started with him again we'll see. On Wednesday we had a potential investigator come to a game of Capture the Flag so we got to play that. It was super fun except right before it started the wind was blowing super hard and all this pollen fell from the trees. There was so much it looked like the trees were on fire or something it was crazy! Tony's been out of town which stinks I hope I get to teach him again soon because I'm pretty sure I'm getting transfered next week. Not positive though I'll find out next Monday. \

Other than that nothing much else to say... We're gettiing fed a lot which is awesome. Didn't have dinner once this week so we went to Jersey Mike's Subs. Man it's so good like best subs ever. AZ needs to get Zaxby's , Jersey Mikes, and Mellow Mushroom. But I've been enjoying Suwanee a lot more recently. Elder Freitas and I get along good most the time and we have fun with the Sister missionaries since we see them everynight at dinner. And everything's becoming green again it's nice.

Well thanks for those who wrote and those who didn;t repent! Just kidding but it's good to hear from you guys I love you all. I'm loving the mission and Georgia and everything that it entails.

Elder Spencer Cooper

Monday, April 15, 2013

Yo! April 15, 2013

Hey everyone,
So first! They have changed the rule about emailing. We're allowed to email friends! So if you'll send me an email this next week I'll be sure to email you back! My email is spencer.cooper@myldsmail.net

I attached some pics. The first is the two new sisters in our ward. They aren't really new anymore, but a member fixed them a greenie dinner and it was hilarious. The second is my shoe with pollen all over it, the 3rd is our investigator Tony

What a strange week. Went by so fast in some ways and really slow in others. Wednesday we had Tony come to institute with us. It was cool but the discussion was super deep. But he met a lot of the YSA and so that was good. On Thursday I went to a leadership training meeting. It was two days long 6 hrs each. Long, but so good. I loved it the spirit was so strong there and I had a great time seeing some other missionaries. President Wolfert gave an awesome training too. Then on Saturday we met a couple of really cool black guys at a recent converts house. We tought them briefly about the restoration and gave them a Book of Mormon. The spirit really spoke to one of them and were excited to see him again. Yesterday we ate dinner with an awesome family. They showed us a video called Reach Out and Share. I would suggest watching it if you can find it online it's amazing. It's about how he sent a Mormon message called "Dayton's Legs" to a lady who lives in Scottsdale and she felt the spirit so strong. The people from "Dayton's Legs" actually live in Gilbert and they ended up meeting. The Lady and her family ended up getting baptized. It was so cool. The video Reach Out and Share was shared on KSL in Utah between conference sessions last year.

Anyways, yeah on Tuesday this thick cloud of yellow fell on everything. I was like "Holy pollen Batman!" Seriously every car was just covered there was pollen on everything it was nasty.

I'm loving this work and I'm excited for this next week, I'm confident good things will happen in the work!

Elder Cooper

Monday, April 8, 2013

Crazy Week, April 8, 2013

This week was soooo crazy! So we got a car for a couple days so Elder Freitas could do his driving test. It was nice to have a car, especially since the beginning of the week was pretty cold. But Elder Freitas has been kinda sick so we've had trouble getting out and working. Oh and so we go to the DMV to do the driving test and the lady tells us we have to make an appointment. We go to make and appointment and the earliest one was in May. So that was lame. Our Zone Leaders had four people get baptized on Saturday and I was able to do the baptismal interviews for them. It was amazing and really helped me remember there are elect people out there searching for the truth. The baptism went great as well the spirit was strong. An man conference was so legit! All the talks were so good. My favorites were probably Elder Cardon  about repentance, Elder Uchtdorf's in preisthood, Elder Holland's (as always) and Elder Christofferson's about redemption. But it was all awesome. I can't believe how much more I get out of conference out here and just enjoy it in general. It's so cool, I mean it's literally like God speaking to the entire world.  We didn't have anyone attend conference though which was kind of a bummer.

That's really exciting about your choir mom! Hope you guys can keep gaining the recognition you deserve.

This next week should be great. Tomorrow we're having a meeting where we're going to find out some rule changes and stuff so that's cool. Then later in the week there's a leadership training meeting that lasts two days, I've heard it's really good.

Also wanted to say thanks Palmers so much for the awesome package! Hope to write you soon. I'm loving the bacon.

Man the weather has gotten so nice here. Everything is blossoming and blooming it's gorgeous. There's so many cherry trees here it's really cool. Today we played tennis and the weather was perfect for it.

Hope you're all doing well and thanks to everyone for the letters and stuff. I know this gospel's true and I know there's nothing more important I could be doing right now in my life than spreading the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


Elder Spencer Cooper

Monday, April 1, 2013

EASTER April 1, 2013

Great week. Elder Freitas and I have been really enjoying serving together. We have been working hard but we're still struggling to find new people to teach. We have many potential investigators but we're just having trouble getting in with people to teach them. On Easter we went to a families house and had ham, funeral potatoes, rolls, all that good stuff. But I had the best meal I've had in Suwanee this week. Salmon cooked with dill and lemons and spinach ravioli. So amazing. The weather was super cold at the beginning of the week but now is really nice. We've had a couple of crazy days where everything has fallen through but we're hoping for a more productive week. The day before Easter one of the Sister's investigators was baptized. It was really cool.  He's a totally different person since introduced to the gospel. We were able to participate in his confirmation and priesthood ordination yesterday. It was great, especially since it was Easter. Elder Freitas is a lot of fun. He is taking his driver's licence test in a couple days so we got a car for 2 days. I thought we'd have it for a week so I was kind of bummed but I'm still happy we got it for a while. Excited for conference!

Wish I could write more but we're super crunched on time today promise next week will be longer.

Love this work and the Gospel.

Elder Cooper