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Monday, April 22, 2013

Great week April 22, 2013

This week was great. The pollen has died down and the weather is sooo nice. It's been great. And we found a lot of new people to work with. One of them is named Patrick. He's a 19 yr. old from Haiti and is a Haitian dancer. He's a really cool guy. he came to church yesterday and he loved it. He's taking his GED on thursday and we're going to go give him a blessing before the test. Really excited for him. We also had a man named Daron at church. He's someone the missionaries had taught in the past but we haven't been able to teach because he is so busy with work but was able to come yesterday. He's in his 40s but looks like 25 seriously. He's from Jamaica and has an awesome accent. Hopefully we can get started with him again we'll see. On Wednesday we had a potential investigator come to a game of Capture the Flag so we got to play that. It was super fun except right before it started the wind was blowing super hard and all this pollen fell from the trees. There was so much it looked like the trees were on fire or something it was crazy! Tony's been out of town which stinks I hope I get to teach him again soon because I'm pretty sure I'm getting transfered next week. Not positive though I'll find out next Monday. \

Other than that nothing much else to say... We're gettiing fed a lot which is awesome. Didn't have dinner once this week so we went to Jersey Mike's Subs. Man it's so good like best subs ever. AZ needs to get Zaxby's , Jersey Mikes, and Mellow Mushroom. But I've been enjoying Suwanee a lot more recently. Elder Freitas and I get along good most the time and we have fun with the Sister missionaries since we see them everynight at dinner. And everything's becoming green again it's nice.

Well thanks for those who wrote and those who didn;t repent! Just kidding but it's good to hear from you guys I love you all. I'm loving the mission and Georgia and everything that it entails.

Elder Spencer Cooper

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