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Monday, July 29, 2013

Another Long Week

Hey everybody,

This week was pretty long again. We had a lot of appointments fall through. We knocked a lot of doors. I think we didn't meet anybody but baptists the last 4 days or so, seriously. Which isn't a bad thing just that almost all of them are unwilling to listen to us. They are comfortable and happy where they are at. I find that to be such a strange concept, that people who are so religious and love Christ don't have a desire to even talk to us about Him and find out if the things we share can bring them closer to Him. But that's alright we did find a couple of people who seem pretty interested and we had a great lesson with a lady who was a referral from an inactive member. So that was cool. We also set up a lot of lessons for the next couple days so that should be good.

Other than that... I got chased by a huge dog. That was fun. Oh and we were out knocking doors and got caught in a crazy storm. It was cloudy, but within a few seconds the sky got super dark and started pouring. We were on our bikes, so we stopped at some strangers house and asked if we could take refuge on her porch. She let us and gave us some towels which was nice. We were trying to figure out who could give us a ride home but just couldn't get a hold of anyone. So we prayed the rain would stop and set out on our bikes. And the rain stopped, prayer works.

Hope everyone has a sweet week. Hope work goes okay for you and doesn't drive you too crazy Mom. And hope your birthday is super legit Ryan.

Elder Cooper

Monday, July 22, 2013

Staying in Dahlonega July 22, 2013

Hey everybody,

I got the transfer call just a few minutes ago and found out Elder Kilmer and I are both staying in Dahlonega. I'm glad about that. I really want to get this area moving steadily before I leave, even if I myself don't have a baptism. We are so close I still feel like. And the other missionary in our ward Elder Price is a boss, one of the coolest missionaries I've met. He's training a new missionary. His companion is going home.

Anyways it's still been raining, Elder Kilmer and I actually got poured on pretty good once this week. But it hasn't been as consistent as in the last couple weeks. In fact it's been really hot most of the time. Bleh. Humid heat is not my favorite.

We were unable to meet with most of our investigators this week, they all rescheduled their appointments to this week. It was frustrating but we did some good work with less active members and contacting. And actually we had one appointment with a family that was awesome. They had been taught by missionaries in the past and are very open. They will progress well I think. While we were teaching them there was a crazy storm going on in the background. Like super loud thunder every 2 minutes. But the spirit was really strong and they agreed to be baptized if they received an answer the Book of Mormon was true.

We also had a really nice lady invite us into her home. It was hot out and she gave us some lemonade and listened as we taught a brief restoration message. It was great though, the Lord has really prepared her and we're excited to go back and teach her family. While we were in there it started raining and as we were walking back to the car started pouring and we got soaked haha.

But I'm loving the work and I'm glad I'm staying with Elder Kilmer here in Dahlonega. Thanks for all your support.

Elder Cooper

Monday, July 15, 2013

Another Rainy Week July 15, 2013

So... it's rained everyday for 31 days now. Yep. But it keeps it from being too hot so I'm not complaining. No flooding up here...yet.

Elder Kilmer and I have been working our butts off! Seriously we've been working hard and it's been kind of a tough week. Lots of knocking doors and a lot of rejection. But we have a new investigator who is legit! Her name is Lisa, we met her about 3 weeks ago. We had left a blessing with her and finally got back to teach a lesson. It was amazing! At the beginning of the lesson she said the Book of Mormon just didn't click with her and she seemed a little hesitant to listen to what we had to say. But as we taught the spirit just hit her. By the end of the lesson she said she doesn't doubt that the Book of Mormon is true any more than the Bible. It was so cool. She really opened up and started talking about all these questions she had about the Plan of Salvation. We told her we had answers to all of those questions and would explain next lesson. Then she said she knew we believe in eternal marriage and said, "I know that is true and love that the Mormons believe in it." So that was great and we're seeing her again on Wednesday.

Our other investigators have been hard to get in contact with. One has been in the hospital, and Beth is just being difficult we haven't been able to get a hold of her.

That's about it though. Hope everyone's doing good! Glad to hear about all the cool things you did family. And thanks for the news about Steve Peirce. I haven't heard from him yet but it's great to hear the surgery was a success.

Elder Cooper

Monday, July 8, 2013

RAINED ALL WEEK July 8, 2013

The title of this letter pretty much describes our week. In rained nonstop. So much rain I'm getting sick of it. That's okay though I mean the cooler weather was very welcome. It was pretty nice overcast most the time even though we got a couple days of 200% humidity and it was super wet.

Anyways we had a couple awesome lessons this week. Beth, the single mom who stopped us a couple weeks ago and we prayed with on the side of the road, is doing great. We had an awesome first lesson with her. She had read the pamphlet we left with her like three times with her family! It was awesome. She wasn't at church which was disappointing and we're hoping to meet with her again soon but we'll see; she's hard to contact. We also had a couple great lessons with the part member guy Matt Woods. Him and his wife actually had a neighbor come over and meet with us too who was very interested. So that was way good.

The 4th of July celebration in Dahlonega got pushed back to Saturday for rain delay. Our 4th was super uneventful. Saturday we got to talk to a ton of people on the square though so that was pretty cool.

So from our mission an entire zone went to the Atlanta mission. I'm glad II'm still in GANM (georgia atlanta north mission). I've really come to love it here and my mission president is a boss. We had president interviews last week and they were awesome.

That's about it I think though. Just a lot of rain. But it was good and we're making good progress I feel like. I'm loving this work and I know the Church is true.

Elder Cooper

Monday, July 1, 2013

Rough Week July 1, 2013

Hey everybody hope you have a fantastic fourth of July this week! We don't really have any plans yet besides a normal dinner with a family. And we can't use fireworks and we'll probably just proselyte all day like normal.

Anyways this week was rough! Man we had a ton of appointments set up and they all fell through so we spent almost all our time just knocking doors. It's difficult to do other things here because of mile limitations. You get stuck in one area the whole day and have to work around there.

But Elder Kilmer and I are still getting along well and we have a few good appointments set up for this next week. We have another one with Matt Woods this evening. He's a guy who's wife is a member he's like 32 and a super nice awesome guy. We're really excited for the lesson we're teaching him tonight and I guess one of their neighbors is going to be there too so that will be cool.

We did a mission wide fast on Tuesday for this next month to be especially consecrated. We started Tuesday morning and went to Wednesday morning. It was probably the physically most difficult thing I've done on my mission. I was on exchange with Elder Price and we rode our bikes 11 miles right away and were just killed after that, But it was a really powerful spiritual experience and I know the Lord will bless us for our efforts to hasten the work.

It's getting hot. Humidity is lame.

Well that's about it, strange week. But oh yeah we spoke in Sacrament meeting yesterday. My first time doing so on the mission. It went well I hope. Hope everyone is doing well and has a sweet 4th of July. I know this gospel's true and I'm loving my mission; even through the slow weeks.

Elder Cooper

Oh and that's really cool about the trip you guys took I'm glad you were able to have something special for your anniversary. Thanks for the pictures.  I love the San Diego Temple. I think it looks so awesome.