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Monday, July 29, 2013

Another Long Week

Hey everybody,

This week was pretty long again. We had a lot of appointments fall through. We knocked a lot of doors. I think we didn't meet anybody but baptists the last 4 days or so, seriously. Which isn't a bad thing just that almost all of them are unwilling to listen to us. They are comfortable and happy where they are at. I find that to be such a strange concept, that people who are so religious and love Christ don't have a desire to even talk to us about Him and find out if the things we share can bring them closer to Him. But that's alright we did find a couple of people who seem pretty interested and we had a great lesson with a lady who was a referral from an inactive member. So that was cool. We also set up a lot of lessons for the next couple days so that should be good.

Other than that... I got chased by a huge dog. That was fun. Oh and we were out knocking doors and got caught in a crazy storm. It was cloudy, but within a few seconds the sky got super dark and started pouring. We were on our bikes, so we stopped at some strangers house and asked if we could take refuge on her porch. She let us and gave us some towels which was nice. We were trying to figure out who could give us a ride home but just couldn't get a hold of anyone. So we prayed the rain would stop and set out on our bikes. And the rain stopped, prayer works.

Hope everyone has a sweet week. Hope work goes okay for you and doesn't drive you too crazy Mom. And hope your birthday is super legit Ryan.

Elder Cooper

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