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Monday, July 15, 2013

Another Rainy Week July 15, 2013

So... it's rained everyday for 31 days now. Yep. But it keeps it from being too hot so I'm not complaining. No flooding up here...yet.

Elder Kilmer and I have been working our butts off! Seriously we've been working hard and it's been kind of a tough week. Lots of knocking doors and a lot of rejection. But we have a new investigator who is legit! Her name is Lisa, we met her about 3 weeks ago. We had left a blessing with her and finally got back to teach a lesson. It was amazing! At the beginning of the lesson she said the Book of Mormon just didn't click with her and she seemed a little hesitant to listen to what we had to say. But as we taught the spirit just hit her. By the end of the lesson she said she doesn't doubt that the Book of Mormon is true any more than the Bible. It was so cool. She really opened up and started talking about all these questions she had about the Plan of Salvation. We told her we had answers to all of those questions and would explain next lesson. Then she said she knew we believe in eternal marriage and said, "I know that is true and love that the Mormons believe in it." So that was great and we're seeing her again on Wednesday.

Our other investigators have been hard to get in contact with. One has been in the hospital, and Beth is just being difficult we haven't been able to get a hold of her.

That's about it though. Hope everyone's doing good! Glad to hear about all the cool things you did family. And thanks for the news about Steve Peirce. I haven't heard from him yet but it's great to hear the surgery was a success.

Elder Cooper

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