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Monday, February 18, 2013

Slow Week Feb. 18, 2013

This week was pretty slow. On Tuesday One of our Zone leaders was with us all day because his companion went home for surgery. So we had the car for the day, which was cool, but Elder Childs was pretty sick so we were in the apartment for a good majority of the day. He's feeling better but I think he might have laryngitis because his voice is going away and he has a real bad cough. But most of the week we just contacted and knocked doors, still trying to find new people. I had one really cool experience on Wednesday I think when we were knocking doors. We were in a neighborhood and getting no where with anyone. I was praying that we would just find someone to teach. I saw one of these Dogwood trees and I think theyre pretty cool and I felt like I should take a picture of it. So I got my camera and took the picture. Then we knocked the door for that house and no one was home. Felt weird and we started walking away when a high school aged guy comes walking through the yard with his headphones in. I stopped him and we had an awesome discussion about the Book of Mormon. he committed to read and let us follow up with him. I know if I hadn't stopped to take the picture we would have passed on by and not talked to him. That story sounds really weird and unimpressive I know but it was really cool when it happened. Other than that we had an awesome lesson with an investigator named Miriam. She has been reading and praying and is just looking for an answer now. She goes out of town a ton so we hardly ever see her but I'm confident she will recognize an answer when it comes.
The weather has been bipolar as usual. Couple days of rain, couple days of  nice warm weather, couple days of really cold windy weather. It's crazy how it changes day to day.
So the new sisters for the Suwanee ward are here. They are both fresh from MTC and they are both 19. So our members feed all 5 of us every night. It's crazy.  My trainer Elder Wight is back in our District which is cool. So there are 9 in our district. It's cool to have a big district I guess, a little stressful at times but good.
Great to hear from you guys. Wish I had more to tell you guys but like I said it was a slow week. Love you and love this work
Elder Spencer Cooper

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