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Monday, September 30, 2013

Good Week

This week was pretty good. I went on exchange with our District Leader and that was fun. We had some awesome experiences contacting. Definitely gained more of a testimony of service. We were able to help a few people out and they totally opened up and allowed us to teach them more. Elder Pasa Vaili and I had a cool day Saturday too. There was a big festival that day with thousands of people there. We contacted there but nobody was really listening. When we came back we were already kind of discouraged from the festival and then our team up fell through and our dinner. We were really bummed and didn't want to go out and tract. But we did even if it was with a bad attitude at first. And I realized that we always need to work because that night we found a super legit guy. He was awesome when we told him about prophets he said he got chills.

That was about it for this week though. Were still teaching John and he's progressing very slowly. The weather has been getting awesome and I love riding my bike right now.

We're real short on time I'll write more next week I promise

ELder Cooper

PS yes I got the package thanks sooooo much it was fantastic.

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