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Monday, October 7, 2013

Great Week

This week was amazing. Filled with miracles. Mainly meeting and teaching Steve.  You remember when I was talking about how we were really unmotivated that one day but decided to go tracting and found a really awesome guy who was prepared? That's Steve. We had a lesson with him on Friday and he is amazing. The member we took with us testified perfectly about eternal families and he was attentive to everything we shared. The spirit was strong the entire time. We were rapping up our lesson and I started to say, "Will you read this book and pray about it?" but he cut me off and said, "Listen. I'll promise you one thing. I'll read... this entire book and pray about it." I was like, "...okay!" Then we invited him to conference. And he came! To the Sunday Morning session. Everything that was shared that session was perfect for him. He has a son and a wife who have addiction problems and so Pres.Eyering's and Monson's talks were sooooo great for him. He enjoyed it and we're meeting with him again on Thursday or Friday.
But anyways conference was legit. I've said this about all the ones I've viewed on my mission but this was one of the best I've ever seen. I especially liked the very first session. My favorite talk was probably President Eyring's. I also loved Ballard's of course about missionary work. That was so awesome he talked about how there could be a million members baptized before Christmas. Also Uchtdorf's talk Come, Join with Us was great. Oh and both of the women speaker's were great! Bonnie Oscarson had an amazing talk about conversion too. Every time I watch conference I just find myself saying, "How could this church not be true?" I know it is.
Elder Cooper

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