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Monday, March 3, 2014

Good Week

This week was pretty awesome. That lady Asia who we met a week ago was able to come to church yesterday and absolutely loved it. She's a single mom with 4 kids and we're really hopeful for her now. Steve A. wasn't able to come and I think he's going through a really hard time. We had an awesome experience on Saturday when we were tracting. We talked to this guy outside and he was Atheist. It was awkward because we never really know what to say to atheists because we hardly ever find any. So we were talking about it before we knocked on the next door and the person who answered was another atheist.  At first he didn't want to talk to us but we started asking him questions about the plan of salvation and he really opened up.  He actually ended up inviting us into his home where we had an hour and half conversation.  It was cool to teach someone without the christian background and we are going to be meeting him again in a week or two. Other than that, we're just getting ready for the Elder Cook meeting and then like 4 days later the Elder Kopischke meeting. Loveyoubye.

Elder Cooper

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