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Monday, January 20, 2014

Great Week

Man we had some serious miracles this week. So we've been working with this guy and he has been wanting to quit drinking so bad. I feel weird talking about him so I'll just call him John... but anyways John is like a serious alcoholic and really wants to quit. He's had a crazy hard past and wants to change. We put him on date for baptism a few weeks ago for Jan 26 and told him he needed to be able to stop drinking at least a week or two before. He was making really like no progression. But last Monday he called us and he was in the Hospital and had to get his gallbladder removed. He was released the next day no huge deal, but the thing is he can't drink for awhile. He totally recognizes it as an opportunity from God to change. We helped him pour out a ton of beer on Thursday it was so cool. He is scheduled for baptism on the 26th.

We also were able to meet with the Witherspoon's mother and aunt on Monday. Their names are Laueddia and Laquanda. Our ward mission leader set up the lesson at his house and it was so cool. Lessons in member homes make a HUGE difference. The spirit was so strong and they are on date now for Feb 8th. I would really encourage you to reach out to the missionaries and have a lesson in your home.

Other than that we have been finding tons of new people to teach and the area is thriving. The ward got a new Bishop on Sunday, that was exciting. The weather has been cold but getting warmer and warmer and today is 60. Nice.

Anyway hope you are all having a great MLK day. I know God is real, and he actually knows us. It's crazy to think that we do so terrible in so many different things but he still loves us. And we can find that out for ourselves if we experiment and ask. He always gives evidence if we ask in faith. Love you guys.

Elder Cooper

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