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Monday, January 27, 2014

Craziest Week of My Life

So this week was so stinking crazy. First of all on Saturday we got in a car accident. We were driving to dinner and the car in front of me slams on their brakes. So I slam on my brakes and stop just before hitting him. We were like wow that was close then BAM. A big F 150 slams into our back. Good thing we had a bike rack on and that took a lot of the impact. Nobody was hurt and we don't have to worry since it was his fault but it was annoying as junk. Had to fill out a bunch of paperwork and be an hour late to hour dinner which made us 10 minutes late to the adult session of stake conference.

Stake Conference was awesome though. It was so inspirational. On Sunday there was a special broadcast for the South East States by Elder Gaye, Kiposchke, and Russel M Nelson. It was really cool, all about hastening the work. I hope people will start to understand their potential to help this great work progress.

Laueddia and Laquanda, the mother and aunt of the WItherspoon kids who were baptized, is doing great. Laueddia is so set on being baptized. Laquanda says she wants to but isn't sure if she'll be ready by Feb. 8th. Told her to keep praying about it. We also got the last kid involved; Jasmine. She's 21 I think and was uninterested until this week. Their whole family came to conference on Sunday. We should have a baptism this Saturday for a recent converts kid. He's 12, really cool kid super smart.

John's baptism was the craziest thing ever. It was a lot of work to make it all happen but the Lord provided miracles in order for him to make his date. John missed his first baptism interview appointment on Thursday, so we rescheduled for Friday. Then he missed that one, but we were able to reschedule for Sunday morning. That morning he called us 20 min before the interview and said he was too sick to come. And it wasn't an excuse he was super sick from his surgery because his staples got infected. Anyways we ran over there and gave him a blessing. Within minutes he was talking and behaving normally and feeling much better. He told us how on Saturday he had received so much opposition from his family. Relatives calling him from all over telling him how big of a mistake he was making. He was afraid but we talked to him for a long time about faith and how the Lord was providing this for him and all the miracles that had taken place for him to get here. He remembered and after awhile we got him to come to the church for his interview. The interview went fine and his baptism service was so great. Many members of his family attended, all of which are nonmembers. I know the Lord made this happen and it has opened my eyes that he will provide ways for us to accomplish baptisms if we put forth the effort. I wanted to postpone the baptism several times due to these slip ups but I see now the importance of him making this date. I feel like missionaries give up in situations like this too easy. That with more and more persistence we qualify ourselves for the power of heaven to accomplish miracles.

Love you all

Elder Cooper

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