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Monday, January 6, 2014

Happy New Year

This week has been busy and crazy as always. But we got transfer calls and I am staying here in John's Creek for another 6 weeks. That'll be 6 months I stay here! But I'm glad it's a super cool area and my companion and I are doing great work. Our tiny zone led the mission this last month in baptisms. I really believe we have the 3 best wards in the mission.
I was on exchange with the assistants to the President on New years eve, and it was super uneventful. Just a normal day. But on New Years a family had us over and cooked a full 65 pound pig. It was AMAZING. It's actually always been one of my desires to eat a pig that's just cooked full on. And guess what... we ate the eye balls. My comp and I. I got a video of it and it won't let me send it but legit we ate em. They surprisingly tasted pretty good but the consistency was super greasy and slimy. But it was fun.
The W. family are progressing so well. Actually, the mom is struggling to meet with us and it seems like she has some doctrinal concerns, but the two sisters Nat and Nala are so prepared for baptism. They are so excited for it. It's this Saturday. I think if we get the Mom there she will feel the spirit and recognize how important this really is and how much it could change her life. Other than them we met this old black couple this week that we are teaching. They are hilarious and I think they have solid potential. They are way Southern and so kind. It's going to be interesting when they come to church because I think they are used to those dancing "Praise the Lord" churches. The first thing she said is she wanted to learn more because she heard that Joseph Smith died by getting chased by 500 women out a window and she wanted to know why he was being chased. Haha man some misconceptions people have are crazy. Speaking of which, The Book of Mormon Musical is coming to ATL. We are using it as a big proselyting push; like they are going to send missionaries to stand outside the theater to talk to those coming out of the show. I REALLY hope I get to go it would be so cool. Apparently they did this in NYC and Chicago and baptisms came from it. The Lord works in mysterious ways.
Alright that's about it. I love you all and hope you have a good week.
Elder Cooper

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