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Monday, December 30, 2013

Good Week

This week was interesting. We had a lot of success and amazing spiritual experiences. Not gonna lie though... my Christmas was kinda mediocre. Well the first part was great cause I got to talk to my family. That's always great. Sorry I was so tired during the call, I felt really out of it that whole day. But thanks so much for the package with all the treats and the hat and CDs and everything it was really appreciated. That recording of you guys singing How Great Thou Art is amazing. Who wrote that arrangement?

We were able to put the rest of Witherspoons on date! Well, actually Laueddia, the mom, fell off already cuase she missed church (got called into work) but the daughters Nat and Nala are solid for January 11th. They are so cool we are going bowling with them today for pday. Also we put this guy Danny on date. We've been working with him for a while but had a great lesson and committed him for Jan. 25th. There was one experience where we were way behind on everything so we prayed where to go. We only had like 20 min before dinner but headed to this neighborhood. When we got there we had 10. But the spirit led us there exactly where we needed to go so we were excited. Knocked the first door and met hard rejection. Knocked the second door and another rude person who rejected us. and the next one. And the next one. We were giving up heading back to the car cause we were out of time when we saw this man playing with his kid and wife out front. We didn't really feel like going over there cause we were so late but finally just headed over and started talking. He was so prepared. Awesome man who has so much truth and was ready to receive a Book of Mormon. We were able to meet with him again on Sunday and he's awesome.

Well I'm running out of time but I love you all and I know the Gospel is true and love it.

Elder Cooper

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