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Monday, December 23, 2013

Awesome Week

This week Anthony and Alex got baptized!! It was an amazing service. They are the most awesome kids ever. During their interview we asked why they wanted to be baptized. They said they would pray to have us come over and we would come, and when they prayed about being baptized they felt like it was right. Our Ward Mission Leader and his family got really close to them and he was the one who baptized them. We got real sad news this morning though that they are going to move out of our mission. Tomorrow! It must be some kind of emergency we are going over there tonight. But they are super cool kids really happy for them.

The Christmas Party was really fun. Elder Coleman and I bought presents for a ton of different missionaries from the dollar store and wrapped them up then handed them out. We had a good meal and then we watched a slide show of pictures from the mission. They do a talent show every year. This years wasn't as cool as last years but was still alright. I performed in 5 different talents! Felt like a kept getting up and down the whole time. It's just because they needed someone to accompany them for singing. And I did one solo of jazz Christmas medley, that turned out alright. More than anything it was just really fun to get together with everyone else in the mission.

That's about it this week. We should be skyping around 1:00 our time which I think is 11 or 10 yours... I dunno.

Elder Cooper

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