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Monday, December 2, 2013

Great but Weird Week

Man this week was strange. Started off really slow. On Monday we had Alex, Anthony, and Ajiatic (the Witherspoons) come with us to this members house who has a raquetball court in his basement. That was fun, played mostly basketball instead of raquetball. The rest of Monday and Tuesday consisted of E. Pasa Vaili saying goodbye and packing so not a whole lot got done. We ate so much food on Tuesday. Like we had a meal at 1:00 one at 3:00 and one at 5:00 with desert and man I was full. Then we obviously ate a ton on Thanksgiving too. I was like sweet I've been eating so much food maybe I fatten up a bit!... nope. Not a single pound gained.
My new companion is pretty awesome. We get along really well and he's a fantastic teacher. He's from S. California and has been out for like 11 months. We have been working really hard to help this new zone get moving. There are 20 missionaries besides us in the zone, which is tiny, but 11 of them have only been out for 4 months or less. All of the District Leaders have only been out for 3 months. It's crazy. But the work in our area has been going great! We put a lady named Oretha on date for baptism this week. Her date is for Dec. 14th and she is very excited. I guess she has relatives in AZ who referred her and so we went and started teaching her. She is from Lyberia and her English is okay. But she feels the spirit and is very excited about the church and her baptism. It's so cool to see how the spirit can comunicate things we can't. The W. brothers  are doing awesome too. Alex, Anthony, and Ajiatic are all on date for Dec. 21. We need to check with the Mom though and make sure it is okay. But we had a couple great lessons with them and they are funny awesome kids. We also had a very short amount of time to tract this week but it was amazing to see how the Lord led us where to go and our efforts were effective. We found many new investigators who we have appointments with for next week.
Thanksgiving was bomb. We got to play in the Ward's turkey bowl. That was real fun, I hadn't played football forever. Then we went to two different members houses and ate tons of food. Then we did a coordination meeting with the other zone leaders who our zone was split with. There's a ton more planning that goes into our work now that we are responsible for all these other missionaries.
Well I love you all and hope everyone had a sweet Thanksgiving! Oh and as far as winter clothes I need a sweet cardigan... but I might just buy one anyways. Other than that I inherited a GPS this week so no need to ask for that for Christmas... I don't know,  I'll keep thinking. But man I love my mission so much. I don't want to go back to normal life now... the thought is just depressing;  everything out here is just awesome and tons of fun.
Elder Cooper

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