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Monday, August 26, 2013

Pretty Good Week

This week was pretty good. We were able to meet with that new guy Gavin who is going to University of North Georgia. He's an amazing guy. He's super polite and proper and he has a strong belief the church is true already. He told us he recognizes that our church is just different than any others. What was awesome is he told us how he had never been raised religious but had developed beliefs that he felt he already knew and when he began investigating the church it lined up exactly with what he believes. He would be ready to be baptized but the problem is that his Grandmother, who raised him, feel wary of the church. He wants her to feel better about him joining before he does. We had a special fast for her yesterday and we're confident she'll soften up.

We also met with Jennifer, a new investigator, and she is way cool. She is very straight forward and asked us a lot of questions and had done a lot of research. It was a very short but powerful meeting. We're excited to see her again though.

Other than that.... nothing much. I mean I hate not writing much but not a whole lot happened... we had Zone Conference and that was awesome. Transfers are next week so I'll know if I'm staying or going before my next email. I'm pretty sure I'll be headed to a new area.

Elder Cooper

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