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Monday, August 19, 2013

Super Strange Week

This week was super weird. Another week where we had tons of sweet appointments set up and they all fell through. Satan really doesn't want us to succeed I've seen that a ton in this area. But it wasn't all bad there were some great things too.

The Sims, the family we found where the dad is a member, cancelled twice, and the last time said they are going out of town for two weeks. Gosh. Dangit. Then we were really looking forward to a lesson that a member had set up with their daughter in law. She called right when we got there and changed her mind that she didn't want to take the lessons. It was a bummer but I had felt the night before that we would find a family to teach for this week, so I knew the Lord needed us somewhere else. We went and tried a potential and they let us in and we left a blessing with them. The spirit was way strong and we invited them to take the lessons. They accepted so were seeing them this Saturday. What was even more awesome was when we got home, we got a phone call from some other Elders telling us one of their investigators was moving to our area for college and is basically ready for baptism. His name is Gavin and we talked to him today and are meeting with him tomorrow. Seems like an awesome guy. He's 18 and in the military.

Haha couple weird experiences too. We were knocking doors for like 5 hours straight on Wednesday and were super thirsty. I forgot water. We knocked a door and were walking away when the lady started to pull in. Elder Kilmer was busy knocking down a spider web with his Book of Mormon but it looked super weird. I asked her for water and she awkwardly said no... then Elder Kilmer came up and tried to explain that he was trying to knock down a spider web. It was really awkward and hilarious.

Today we went to Amicolila Falls with a bunch of the zone and it was super fun. I'll attach some pictures.

I know the church is true and being a missionary is the best thing in the world.
Elder Cooper

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