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Monday, August 12, 2013

Good Week

This week was pretty good. We met a lot of new people who are interested. We probably gave away around 10 books of Mormon. Which is awesome except were only supposed to give away like 14 per month.... but when people want them what are you going to do?
The coolest thing was I went on exchange with the zone leaders and we had an awesome lesson with one of their investigators. But what was great was Elder Kilmer and Yates were in Dahlonega and visited a referral we received last Sunday. They started talking to the family about prophets and asked the son, "What are some prophets you can think of?" He said "like Elijah?" they were like yeah exactly. Then the dad was like, " Brigham Young was a prophet." They were like.... yeah... he was.... turns out the father is a member we didn't have record of, he got baptized like 20 years ago. His son was at church yesterday and Seminary this morning. So cool. Oh yeah we woke up at 5: 20 to go to Seminary. It was really fun actually and we got breakfast out of it. Nice. But anyways they also found another family were going to teach tomorrow that are pretty legit.

I've discovered something. "Southern hospitality" is not really that... true. The most hospitable people we meet are not from here they are usually from the West. We met a super nice couple this week who rescheduled twice and made us pumpkin cookies when we came back. It was awesome. They are open to listening to us and are super nice but we'll have to see how well they progress cause they are very set on their beliefs. We also talked to a Methodist campus minister who said he'd read the BoM.

That's about it though. It was good. It was way hot this week though. But the church is true.

Elder Cooper

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