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Monday, June 3, 2013

Great Week in Dalonega June 3, 2013

Hey everyone,

This week has been long, strange, but awesome. The weather has been cloudy all week looking like it's going to rain but it only did yesterday and a bit this morning. It's been nice though much cooler than AZ it sounds like. We did some service for a lady this week helping her set a chain link fence around her garden (to keep deer out) and it was perfect weather for it. And at the beginning of the week we were biking quite a bit since we were so low on miles for our car. It was fun but I'm glad I don't got to bike more this week because everything is so spaced out and far away from each other in Dahlonega. And hills! I hate 'em.

Anyways on Monday night last week we ate dinner with a family that moved into the ward not too long ago and they had their aunt there. Her name is Caroline and she's really nice. She was out in Texas for a couple weeks and started meeting with the missionaries out there. She's really prepared and we have taught her twice this last week. Pretty much all she needs to do is give up smoking, which she has a sincere desire to do, and she'll be ready to be baptized. She already knows Joseph Smith was a Prophet and the Book of Mormon is true so we're pretty confident in her.

We met with Tori again on Saturday. She's the 15 year old investigator. Had a great lesson with her and she really wants to be baptized. We taught her and her friend Damion the Plan of Salvation. She's awesome and asked all the right questions. I'm really confident she will be baptized on June 22. The best part was she came to church! And it was a great service I think she loved it, the spirit was so strong during testimony meeting.

We are teaching a couple other families and people right now too so the work is really picking up here in Dahlonega. I'm starting to enjoy it more here to as I get to know the people. The small town feel is pretty cool something I think everyone should experience. Not that I would live in a small town though haha. But the people here are really awesome and I'm really enjoying it.

Today for Pday we are going to Amacolila Falls. Not sure how to spell that... but apparently it's a really cool hike and some awesome scenery so I'll try to remember to send some pics next week of that.

Anyways I think that's about it for this week. I'm loving my mission and I love the Lord. Take care and hope you guys don't burn up too much in AZ.

Elder Spencer Cooper

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