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Monday, June 10, 2013

Sweet Week in Dalonega June 10, 2013

Hey everyone,

This week was another good one. Today was transfer day and I found out I'm staying and Elder Bonin is going somewhere else. That's really good cause I'm starting to really enjoy this area but... yeah we aren't the best of friends. Anyways I'm excited my new comp is named Elder Kilmer. I don't really know anything about him. The other two Elders who serve in this ward are both staying which is good cause they're awesome.

Got quite a bit of rain the end of this week. It was hot and humid all week too, but there was a couple times when it poured so hard. Like yesterday we were driving back from an appointment and it was like Noah status rain going on, I couldn't see anything. But we made it back safe.

There's a really awesome old guy named Ike Hayes who we have been visiting and just doing service for the last few weeks. Super nice guy. We asked if we could share a bit about the Book of Mormon. We went over and had a simple first lesson. He can't read so it might be a bit of a challenge. But it was so cool. He said he has heard a lot of bad things about our church but yet all the members are the nicest people he knows. Said, "There's got to be more to you Mormons, and I wanna find out what it is." We also found these twins who are in their 20s and left a blessing in their home. It was awesome and they're interested in meeting with us so we're going back tomorrow. Knocking doors DOES work!.... sometimes. Ha anyways we weren't able to see Tori cause she's out of town but we saw Caroline and she's progressing awesome.  I think she'll be ready for baptism on the 22nd.

Hope all you Dad's have a sweet Father's day; especially mine. Thanks Dad for all you do, keep being a stud.

That's about it! Take care everyone.

Elder Cooper

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