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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pretty Good Week May 27, 2013

This week was good. We did a lot of service. Like a ton. Our entire saturday was mowing lawns basically. But we had some amazing miracles, too. On Tuesday we were eating at our apartment because our dinner had been cancelled. So I ate and my companion was making his dinner but taking a while. He ended up not finishing till our hour for dinner was up. I told him it was all right if he ate but he said he'd just eat when we got back. So we went to go see a member but had some extra time so went to another street and knocked on a former investigator's door. He answered and said,  "Now isn't a good time." I explained we were just there to leave a blessing with him and his family. He came around the other door and we sat outside and talked for awhile. He shared how his life has been really difficult for his family right now with medical problems and different things. Said everything was just piling up at once. We went inside and left a blessing. The spirit was so strong and then he told us right before we came he was thinking he needed someone to talk to and had tried to call his Sunday School teacher but he hadn't answered. Two seconds later we rang his door bell. Then when we were about to leave it started to pour rain. It was crazy; we wouldn't have been there if dinner wasn't cancelled and if Elder Bonin had eaten his dinner it would have been pouring rain when we got there and probably would have just gone on to the members'  house. One of those things where everything just fell into place and the Lord really directed our path.

We also asked a long time investigator who hasn't really gone anywhere if we could teach his entire family. He said sure and so we had a lesson with them. I'm really excited for them some of the children who are in their late teens seem really interested.

E. Bonin and I have been struggling a bit lately relationship wise. But its all right we still get out and work hard everyday.

That's about it right now, I think. Hope all is going well for you back home!

Also thanks Roots for the package! And Mom sorry about pants I'll maybe grab some next Pday. And go ahead and just send the package to the mission office


Elder Cooper

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