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Monday, May 6, 2013

Good First Week in Dahlonega May 6, 2013

Hey all. This week has been crazy! Monday was my Birthday and it was sweet. Got some nice ice cream cake. Leaving Suwanee was strange. I feel like I really never appreciated it fully until like 4 weeks before I left or so. It's an awesome place.  I think if I ever lived in Georgia I'd want to live in Suwanee.

But anyways I came up to Dahlonega on  Wednesday. Culture Shock!!! Seriously it's a tiny little town up in the mountains. There's a main square that we live on that is pretty cool. There's a lot of shops and festivals and things that happen there. It brings in a lot of tourists it seems. Used to be a gold mining town I guess. There's a college in the square too, so there are a lot of college aged students around. But our area is HUGE. So the square is like a couple square miles or so and then outside there, there's a couple of stores but then it's just backwoods. Getting any where takes a while and knocking doors is hard because everyone lives so far away from each other. It's gorgeous though. So green and just nice.I feel like this is the first real southern place I've encountered. Everyone speaks with a southern accent here, and I've already met some crazy people. One guy gave us what he called "fish head soup." It was pretty gross. Everyone is really nice though and I'm really excited to work here. When we drive through it (car area finally!) I feel like there should be a constant loop of banjo music playing.

Anyways it's been raining since I got here and I'm getting really sick of the rain again. Our has car gotten stuck in the mud like 4 times since I've been here and we've had to push it out.

My new companion is pretty cool. I'm excited because he's obedient and has a good work ethic, that's really what's most important. He's really nice too. We get along good.
We had an awesome experience yesterday. We were leaving an appointment and decided to knock a couple doors in the area. We talked to one lady on her porch, and she was devout Baptist, totally not interested, but told us about a friend down the road we should visit. We knocked this door and it was a lady named Rena with 4 children. She let us in and we left a blessing with her and her children. It was great; she's been going through a lot of hard stuff right now and she is super open. Amazing kids too. They were so excited to have us there. We are seeing them next Sunday again so we are excited for them.

We also had Stake Conference this week. It was sweet. A member of the first quorum of the 70 was there and talked about member missionary work. He said we (missionaries) are the part time missionaries since we're there for only a short time and the members are the full time missionaries. I thought that was cool.

Anyways great to here from those who've written and I hope to hear from more soon. Love you guys and I love my mission.

Elder Cooper

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