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Monday, December 31, 2012

Great Christmas Week Dec. 31, 2012

This week was pretty amazing. Christmas was a blast! Got a whole bunch of awesome presents thanks to all those who sent me something, especially my family and the Palmers. We went over to a member's house named the Shoham's. Their house is so awesome. They decorated the heck out of it. Like seriously so much Christmas decorations. Talking to my family was so great. So much fun to get to talk to them. The food there was unbelievable too. The cranberry sauce was unbelievable. Ate waaaaaay too much. And then we played foosball and some different games and it was great. That night we went to James house. He had some concerns about his baptism and wanted to make sure he was alright. It was one of the most spiritual moments of my mission to see how willing he was to change his life and really commit to follow Christ.

We had his baptism two days ago.  It was a little sad because his wife didn't come because they had gotten in an argument the night before. But everything else was fantastic. The spirit was so strong and I was so happy for him. We had to have two people in the water since he is pretty heavy but they got him down and up just fine.

Now we are preparing for the Rodger's baptism this coming Saturday. We're meeting with them the next two nights and I have no doubts they are ready. So yeah the work has been going great. We also had a great lesson with Tim last night. It was our second lesson with him and I think he's starting to recognize this to be true.

The weather has been cold. Besides today is nice but last week was pretty cold. But a member gave me a scarf and beanie for Christmas so I'll be good. Maybe.

Check out these pictures they're cool.


Elder Cooper

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