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Monday, December 10, 2012

Good Week Dec. 10, 2012

This week was good, very up and down, but good. Christmas season is definitely here but you wouldn't know it by the weather. It has been really warm. Well, not AZ warm but warm for december.

We got some new investigators this week. Max and Pabell are freshman in highschool and they're really cool. We had a great lesson with them and they asked a lot of awesome questions. We also met this guy named Mario. Sounds hispanic but he's black. Super cool guy shared a brief message of Joseph Smith with him. We also had dinner with the Rodgers. They're so awesome and prepared. Really looking forward to their baptism. James is progressing like crazy. He is seriously like the golden investigator. We went to teach him tithing, well I didn't because we were on exchanges and I was home sick, but my companion said they went in and started explaining it and he said, "Oh yeah I already have it worked into my budget." He has progressed so much from when he didn't think prayer was important to where he is receiving personal revelation through his prayers. He will be baptized, along with the Rodgers, on Dec. 29th.

As mentioned above I was sick part of the week. Woke up Friday at like 1 in the morning and kept throwing up in my mouth. I held it in like a champ but I was up for like 2 hours just doing that. So we stayed in the next day. But I feel fine now so I have no idea what it was.

Sydney had her interview on Thursday night. It turns out the zone leaders had to do it because of some complications. But it was so cool. Elder Ball, our ZL, knew her aunt in another area. When he was there her aunt asked them to pray for her everyday so they did. But she gave him Sydney's maiden name so he didn't know it was her till the interview. We would have never found that out if he hadn't done the interview so it was really cool. Her baptism was yesterday and it went really well.

Hope everyone's having a great Christmas time!

Elder Spencer Cooper

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