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Monday, March 4, 2013

Good Week March 4, 2013

This week was pretty good. We are slowly finding more people to teach and we've had some great experiences. On Saturday we did a service project where we cut down a bunch of trees and hauled the branches. Our bishop is the HOA president so he came up with the project and asked us to help. It was a lot of fun and we met some great people one of which wants to feed us. It's been pretty cold lately. Friday and Saturday it snowed. I mean not really, just flurried or whatever you call it but yeah it was cold. The worst is the wind. Riding a bike in the wind is horrible. But it's been good, I'm just looking forward to it heating up hear soon.

Yesterday during fast and testimony meeting we had a bunch of young adults preparing for missions get up and bear their testimonies. It was really cool and it's awesome to see how many more missionaries there are going to be. It was a really good Sunday except my companion Elder Childs got a phone call telling him one of his cousins had passed away. It was a real testimony builder for me because the first thing he said after he found out was "Well, the Lord must need him in the spirit world."

We had an awesome experience on Friday. We biked to dinner and got there ten minutes early and decided to knock a couple doors before we went in. So we knocked one with no answer. Then the next one this guy answers who's just super nice. We tell him we've been sent by Christ to give him and his family peace and blessings. So they invite us in and we start talking to them. It turns out they had a son who was pretty sick and they had a family member who had just passed away a couple days ago. So we left a prayer. The spirit was so strong it was awesome. Hopefullly we can see them again but they're moving to another area soon.

Anyways... yes mom I could use some new pants. Not because I've gained too much weight but one of my slacks got ripped in my bike chain and he hem on the other side is coming out so they look ratty and nasty.

Great to hear from you family and hope to hear from some of the rest of you soon. Hope this week is good and God bless.

Elder Spencer Cooper

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