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Monday, September 3, 2012

Crazy Week Sept 3, 2012

Hey everyone,

This week flew by, but at the same time so much happened it feels like last week was forever ago. I don't know but we've been having off and on rain the last week but nothing too major. We haven't actually used our bikes much at all this week either. Partly because my companion messed his knee and ankle up and biking is rough for him and because it's more dangerous on wet roads and we're not supposed ride in the rain I guess. Anyways it seems like this week we'll have a day that's busy and really good and then a day where there is just nothing. So it's kind of weird but I'm enjoying it. One of the coolest things happened on Friday though. We met with this guy Kevin a couple weeks back and he just doesn't really believe in God but he believes something out there but doesn't want to exercise faith to pray or read. Anyways when we left him last time he said he needed a job. So when we left we prayed that he would get a job and told him if he got one it would be God telling him he was there and mindful of him. Anyways we didn't see Kevin for a good couple weeks and then we met with him on Friday. He was like, "You know, about 7 minutes after you guys left I got a phone call telling me I'd gotten this job." It was super cool and I know our prayer was answered. Unfortunately he thinks it's just coincidence haha. But we had a great lesson with him and I hope he will recognize Heavenly Father's influence in his life. Other than that we met with a couple other investigators and just worked hard on finding new ones.

- Elder Spencer R. Cooper -

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